10 colors that go with turquoise

What Colors Go with Turquoise: The Top 10 Options to Try

Interiors / January 27, 2020

What colors go with turquoise? Is that the question that you have in mind right now? Maybe, you want to add the tone in your home design but do not know about the right colors to pair with it.

If so, you are already in the right place. Here, we will share with you the top 10 options of colors that will look good when paired with the blue tone.

However, before we go to the list, you must know first that turquoise is a color inspired by a semiprecious stone in the same name. Some people think that it is the same with light blue or even teal. The fact is that it is different.

Turquoise has a hint of green in it. For the warmer version, it even has a yellowish tone in it.

Another fact that you need to know is that you actually can pair turquoise with any tones quite easily. Although so, it is undeniable that some colors are the best match for it and they are the ones that we will discuss further here.

1. Coral for a Popping Look

The first color that you can pair with turquoise in your home design is coral. We can say that this tone belongs to the pink category. However, it has the orangish hint in it.

If you pair turquoise with coral, you will get a popping look. The reason is because of the bright appearance that both of the tones has.

You do not have to worry that both of them will not look good together. The primary reason why we said so is that coral is one from some complementary colors for turquoise.

a turquoise bed with bedding sets in coral tones


This bedroom is a part of a beach-style house. The use of turquoise bed here is an excellent addition for the design.

As you can see in the pic, the vibrant turquoise bed here looks terrific when paired with the coral bedding and pillows. While most of the room has white domination, both of the bright tones add a fun value to the place. Besides, they also become the focal point in the bedroom.

You can try this idea if you have a bed and headboard from wooden material or something else. The thing that you need to do is repainting the furniture with turquoise paint and later decorating it with coral bedding sets.

turquoise chairs and coral drawers in a transitional nursery room


The next example is available in this transitional nursery room. As you can see, there is a pair of turquoise chairs located side by side with coral drawers.

The quite same design is also available here. It is in the way that the room has a lot portion of neutral tones and that the turquoise and coral combo adds some pops in there.

If you want to get the look, you can do a remodeling project to the chairs and drawers that you have at home. You can pair each of them with turquoise and coral.

turquoise and coral furniture in a beach-style living room


Of course, you can bring the color combination, not only in the bedroom area. The combo is suitable to use anywhere.

As an example, you can use it in a living room, such as for the furniture. The set you see in the picture above is the example.

The colors used in the combo are pastel turquoise and coral. There is also the use of dark wood in the living room furniture sets for balancing the look.

2. Tangerine for a Complementary Look

Another choice that you can choose is tangerine, which is an orange shade. FYI, it is also a complementary color for turquoise.

Another similarity between this one and coral is that it can also create a vibrant and fun atmosphere in any home design. That is why when you pair it with turquoise, you can see the beautiful brightness in the combination.

a turquoise headboard paired with tangerine bedside table and decorations


In this eclectic bedroom, the pairing between the turquoise headboard and other tangerine items, including the bedside, statues, and the pillows, is just fantastic. Together, they add a color pop to the neutral bedroom.

turquoise and tangerine pillows on patio furniture set


When you use this color combo, you should not always go big by making the two tones dominating. You can also add a small portion of them while still making a significant difference to the home design.

Take a look at the picture of a contemporary patio above. You can see that the area seems to be lacking in brightness because of the choice of the color scheme.

The addition of turquoise color in the form of a side table, decorative tray, and pillows, makes the place look more vibrant. It gets even better because there are some tangerine cushions too.

If you are interested in this inspiration, there is a very simple idea you can try at home. It is by providing turquoise and tangerine cases for the throw pillows that you usually place on your living room, porch, or patio furniture. It won't cost you a lot, but it will still create a difference.

turquoise and tangerine chairs in a contemporary dining room


Another simple but fun idea that you can try at home is available in this picture of a contemporary dining room. The idea is to buy some chairs in turquoise and tangerine color and then pair them with your existing table.

A simple addition like this is enough to add a fun touch to your interior. It is especially when the room looks quite dull.

3. Bright or Warm White for a Beach Style

It is no longer a secret that turquoise is also a color that can remind us of the sea. It is reasonable then if it finally becomes an excellent choice to create beach style in your home design.

One of the best ways to create it is by pairing turquoise with bright or warm white. Such color can represent the sandy beach so that the combination will be perfect.

beach-style kitchen with turquoise appliances and white furniture


Here is an example of how turquoise will look good when paired with white. The color choices in this design seem quite simple. However, it can create a perfect coastal feel in the area.

The turquoise color here found more on the appliances, including the stove, range hood, microwave, and fridge. The combination between the tone and the design makes these kitchen items gain a vintage touch too.

As for the beach style, there is one more thing that makes it even more excellent. It is the stained beams on the ceiling that reminds us of driftwood.

white, turquoise and black color scheme in a beach-style living room


Another example exists in this next picture. This beach-style living room is almost entirely white. The difference is in the addition of turquoise that you can see in the pillows and the rug.

A thing that is quite interesting here is that there are also black accents found in some parts of the room. Some even become the direct match for the turquoise accessories. Something like this can add boldness in a room dominated with a white tone as this one.

turquoise bench in a warm-white beach-style bathroom


If you do not want to apply the turquoise and white beach style in other rooms in your house, you can use it in the bathroom. We recommend you to do so because this way the room can be your private relaxing place.

In the picture above, the room has warm white domination, which enhances the coziness in there. The turquoise color appears on the shower floor and bench.

It breaks the too neutral look in there. At the same time, it also adds a refreshing touch, which is just excellent for a bathroom like this.

4. Natural Wood Color for a Pleasant Atmosphere

Turquoise is also excellent to pair with any natural color of the wood. So, it could be a perfect detail to include in your home design if it has a lot of wooden materials.

As long as the wood still has its natural look, it will build up a pleasant atmosphere when paired with turquoise. It means, even if you put the blue tone in your design, it will not look too vibrant.

turquoise kitchen island with wooden top


Take a look at this island located in a Mediterranean kitchen. It has a turquoise tone for the base and stained wood material for the top.

The lower part of it has a kind of distressed or aged look. It does not only enhance the beauty of the furniture piece but also makes it belongs to the Mediterranean kitchen in which many of the details also have the kind of the same look.

The stunning color of the island base will indeed steal the attention of everybody who enters the room. However, the addition of the wooden top tames it, so it does not look exaggerating.

white, turquoise, and light brown color scheme in a beach-style kitchen


Here is another example of a pleasant-looking kitchen, in which you can also find the color combination. As you can see, the Dutch entry is in turquoise. On the other hand, the wooden tone exists in some parts of the kitchen, including the floor and countertops.

In there, you can also find some blue accessories, such as the rug, utensils holder, and kettle. FYI, blue is also a suitable color to pair with turquoise, and we will discuss it later.

The last inspirational detail that you must notice from this kitchen interior design is the use of white as the most dominant color in there. It does not only suit both of the turquoise and wooden tones. It also makes the room brighter and feels airier.

turquoise leather chairs with wooden frame in a traditional living room


Now take a look at this gorgeous traditional living room design. As you can see, two turquoise chairs come with a wooden frame.

This combination looks fabulous. The dark tone of the wood even makes the atmosphere cozier.

Another thing that you must know from this idea is that turquoise also looks beautiful when it comes in the form of leather material like that.

5. Blue or Green for a Refreshing Compatible Appearance

If you wish to have a refreshing and compatible appearance in your home, then you should just pair turquoise with blue, green, or even both of them. Many designers use this combination not only to give colors to the design but also to boost the positive energy in there.

a rustic bedroom with turquoise and green theme


Take a look at this bedroom design, for example. It has green color domination with a bit touch of turquoise.

A color scheme like this just perfect for a place where you usually rest. The tones will help you to fall asleep quickly, and they will make you feel refreshed when waking up and see them. Besides, when you feel tired, you can take a look at the color combo to relax your eyes.

turquoise and olive green contemporary kitchen


This next inspiration looks fantastic. It contains the combination of turquoise for the kitchen island and olive green for the wall.

A place like this will always boost your happy feeling so you can cook delicious meals for the family. Besides, it also makes the kitchen area an alternative breakfast area.

As you can see, there are some bar stools chosen as the pair for the turquoise island. It is just an excellent place for eating while feeling the refreshing atmosphere in the area.

turquoise chair and dark blue island in a contemporary kitchen


This example is the perfect one for you if you love elegant design. In it, you can see the combination of turquoise chair and the dark blue island and cabinets.

Both of them tend to create a relaxing look in the kitchen design. Besides, the dark tones also boost coziness in the area. It gets even better because of the choice of dark herringbone hardwood floor that also gives a geometric touch to the place.

6. Mustard for a Cheerful Atmosphere

The next color that is excellent to pair with turquoise is mustard yellow. Both of them look good together, not only because of the compatibility.

It is also because the combo can create a cheerful atmosphere in your home design. Besides, it also reminds us a bit about the old Mexico.

a transitional bedroom with turquoise and mustard yellow decorations


This room is a white bedroom. However, some additions of mustard yellow and turquoise can change the look quite different.

The color combination adds a cheerful atmosphere in the bedroom area. However, the portion is not too much, so the room still looks comfortable as a place for sleeping.

If you have a room with white domination, you can try to add mustard yellow drapes and some decorations to get the look. An idea like this might not cost you much money, but it gives you a chance to alternate the bedroom design once in a while.

mustard yellow chair and a turquoise accent wall in a kid’s bedroom


The cheerful atmosphere that you can obtain from this color combo also makes it an excellent choice for a kid's bedroom. It gets even better because it is gender-neutral, which means you can pick it for both boys and girls.

Take a look at the picture above. It has a turquoise accent wall that adds a good vibration to the bedroom. The yellow tone comes in the form of a chair as a pair for the study desk.

The color combination can create a fun atmosphere in the room. It can even boost the desire to read and study in there.

mustard yellow and turquoise eclectic living room theme


In the previous example, the wall color is turquoise, and it can create a refreshing look in the bedroom. In this next example, the wall tone is mustard yellow, and it produces a different effect, which is energizing.

It also creates a contrasting look when paired with the turquoise furniture in the living room. Besides, the combo gives you a different alternative for creating a brighter indoor environment without having to use white for the dominant color.

7. Red for a Bold and Impactful Appearance

If you want to create something stunning, then you should pair turquoise with red. This combination is not only bold and vibrant but also impactful.

Adding it to your home design can result in a fantastic final look. It is something you can do to create a statement in the design.

a red desk and turquoise wall in a contemporary bedroom


Take a look at this contemporary bedroom design. If there is no red desk in it, the room will only look refreshing and breezy with the combination between the turquoise walls and white drapes and bed.

With the red desk in it, something bold and contrast appears fantastically. This furniture piece pops in the bedroom design amazingly while at the same time gives an energetic boost to it.

turquoise drapes with red tasseled-tiebacks


The combination of turquoise and red can also create an elegant look. It depends on how you present both colors in the design.

For example, you can pair some turquoise drapes with red tiebacks. For the elegance, you can choose tassels for the details in the red accessories, just like the one you see in the pic above.

If you have a chaise longue, you can try to place pillows in turquoise and red tones too. This action is simple and easy to do but can create a high level of elegance you want.

turquoise bed cover and red pillows


Using the color combo in your bedroom can be an excellent idea too. It is suitable to do when you do not want the room to look too refreshing so that it will be hard for you to rest in it.

The addition of red color as a match for the turquoise is just excellent. It adds a warm touch in the room for your comfort. Besides, it provides elegance to the bedroom design too.

8. Gold for a Glamorous Feel

Gold is another color that is excellent to pair with turquoise. The combination of both tones can produce a glamorous feel, so you must try it if you are into such stuff.

a turquoise desk and gold picture frames in a traditional bedroom


You can use the pairing between the turquoise desk and golden frames in this bedroom design as an example. It is something that looks excellent for the traditional style.

The turquoise desk alone already looks impressive. Moreover, it has a traditional appearance that meets the room style perfectly.

However, the addition of the golden picture frames makes everything even better. It boosts the elegance and glamorous look of the desk to the next level.

turquoise and gold wallpaper in a home bar design


This photo is the picture of an insert bar that is formerly a fireplace. The designer remodeled it to add a new function to the modern kitchen, which is also its location.

When closed, the insert bar looks beautiful but quite ordinary. When you open it, you can see gold and turquoise wallpaper as the decoration. It is something that makes the small-size bar looks glamorous.

a contemporary living room with turquoise chairs and gold mirror


You can also create a unique design, as shown in the picture of a contemporary living room above. Here, you can see the pairing between turquoise chairs and golden mirrors and lamps.

The thing that is unique here is that some other colors are matching with the blue tone. Those include coral (chandelier), tangerine (coffee table and cushions), and white (chair frame, sofa, lampshade, and walls).

9. Grey for an Elegant Look

The next color that will look amazing to pair with turquoise is grey. The look that they will produce together is elegant.

accentuating light grey and turquoise wallpaper in a contemporary dining room


This contemporary dining room here actually looks beautiful. However, the addition of the grey and turquoise wallpaper makes everything even better.

Because the installation is only on a wall side, the wallpaper becomes an accentuating point in the room. That is why the quite busy pattern that it has does not create a bad complexion in the interior too.

a dark grey contemporary exterior with turquoise entry


The color combination can also look perfect when used in home exterior design. The picture above shows you the proof.

Here, you can see that the turquoise front entry looks stunning when installed on a dark grey exterior. The fact that this door is very noticeable also makes it perfect for the main entrance of the house.

pastel turquoise chairs and grey walls in a transitional dining room


The elegance shown from the combination of turquoise and grey does not always look bold. It can also look subtle and quite relaxing.

This transitional dining room is an example. This small area has a quite dark grey wall as the background, and the turquoise color comes in a pastel shade. Together, both of them create a relaxing feeling in the dining area, so even if it is quite small, people will love to enjoy their meals here.

10. Black for Bold Look

The last but not least best color that you can pair with turquoise is black. The kind of visual effect that you can get from the combo is bold.

an eclectic living room with turquoise walls and black accents


In this eclectic living room design, the thing connected directly to the turquoise wall is indeed the black-framed mirror. However, you can see that there are some other black things located in the room too. That is why the place does look not only bright but also bold at the same time.

white, black, and turquoise bedroom color scheme


The next example exists in this contemporary kid’s bedroom. Although the majority of the room has white and turquoise colors, there are some black accents found in there too.

The addition might look simple. However, it has a significant effect in avoiding the sleeping area to look too bright or even exaggerated.

modern turquoise and black kitchen design


Lastly, please take a look at the stunning look of this modern kitchen. In the color scheme, there are three tones included. Those are turquoise, black, and white.

The black color here becomes a fantastic background to make the turquoise custom cabinets look prominent. On the other hand, the white tone gives a clean and hygienic impression that every kitchen needs.

11. Closing

Those are the ten best tones that you can use to answer the question of what colors go with turquoise. As you can see, all the examples we share with you in this post, you can use each of the combinations in so many ways. Besides, the applications are not suitable for interior design only because you can also use it on the exterior if you want to.

Do we miss some other colors that will also be good to pair with turquoise? Share your thought!

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