what color should i paint my kitchen with white cabinets

What Color Should I Paint My Kitchen with White Cabinets? 7 Best Choices to Consider

Interiors / November 23, 2017

What color should I paint my kitchen with white cabinets? Have you ever ask this question in your mind?

The answer maybe yes if you are about to build a new cooking area with white cabinets included in the design or if you want to update the look of your kitchen after a long time.

If that is so, the stuff I will tell you in this post can be helpful and even be the answer to your question. It is because this post consists of my seven best choices of wall paint color to pair with white kitchen cabinets.

To sum up everything for you, those colors are white for compatibility and clean look, light gray for a clean but less bright look, greige for a clean but warm look, beige for a soft warm look, yellow for cheerful atmosphere, dark blue for cooling, deep, and elegant look, and also chocolate brown for a cozy and delicious look.

Please read this post further to find out the reasons why I choose each color in the list and to get some design examples you can use as sources of inspirations.

1. White – Compatibility and Clean Look

transitional kitchen with white cabinets and bright white wall paint

Susan Glick Interiors

The first wall paint color that I will recommend you to pick is white as you can see in the picture above.

There are at least two main reasons why I think white is a right color for kitchen wall that is paired with white cabinets.

My first main reason is that, apparently, white is the most compatible color to be paired with the white color of the kitchen cabinets.

Even the design example I choose above shows the combination of bright white cabinets with the bright white wall; it does not mean this is the only compatible combination of colors you can choose.

If the kitchen cabinets you own has off-white shade, warmer shade of white, or more cooling shade of why all of them can still be paired with white wall nicely.

The white and white color combination can also be various. This can be bright and bright white, bright and warm white, or bright and cool white.

The second main reason is that white paint, especially bright white paint can create a clean look in the kitchen area.

Even kitchen is cooking space, which means some mess caused by cooking activities can result in every time we cook, it does not mean that clean look is a wrong choice to pick for the space right?

In my opinion, clean look in the kitchen area is much better. For me, this look creates a particular kind of excitement that can support quality cooking time. Besides, it also represents hygienic and good quality foods.

Certainly, when you choose a clean look for the kitchen by the combination between white kitchen cabinets and white wall paint (and possibly white countertops too), there is a responsibility to keep the kitchen area clean.

This way, you can always see the clean look in the cooking area.

Especially for the area where there is a higher chance for the mess to result, such as the wall space near the stove or the one near the kitchen sink, it is recommended for you to install a backsplash.

This way, you can avoid messy look on the wall. Besides, usually, the backsplash is more accessible to clean so it will never be a problem.

Other than the two main reasons I have mentioned previously, there is still one other reason that makes white wall paint is excellent to pair with white cabinets.

However, this reason in particular since it is applicable only in small kitchen space.

If space is limited, it is no longer a secret that white wall paint is used in creating the more-spacious visual effect.

This way even the space available is small, the kitchen is still comfortable to use based on its primary functions.

2. Light Gray – Clean but Less Bright Look

The next wall paint color that I recommend you to consider pairing with white kitchen cabinets is light gray.

This paint color choice is discussed right after the discussion about white paint color simply because I think it is an excellent alternative to pick when you feel doubt about choosing white.

For some people, white can look too bright for cooking and does not meet their taste.

Moreover, the white paint is about to be paired with white-colored cabinets. For them, the result might just create a great discomfort. Possibly, you are also included in that type of people.

In such situation, light gray can be an excellent alternative to consider since commonly this type of wall paint also can create a clean look just like what white wall paint can do.

The difference is that the clean look is less bright. This is apparently to the fact that even the brightest light gray color is still less bright than white color. This is especially when the white tone is bright or clean white.

As an example, please take a look at the picture of traditional kitchen design below.

traditional kitchen with white kitchen cabinets and light gray wall paint color

Arizona Tile

From this picture, we can see not only about how good the combination between the light gray wall and white cabinets is.

Here, we can also see that the light gray kitchen wall color can create a clean look that is needed in the kitchen are less brightly.

In this kitchen design, the less bright impression is also supported by the use of light gray kitchen island instead of a kitchen island with the same color with the white cabinets.

Since the light gray color of the island is quite similar to the wall color, compatibility value is also found in this design.

3. Greige – Clean but Warm Look

When you want to pair your white kitchen cabinets with gray wall paint but do not want the wall to look cool or neutral, you can choose greige instead.

This color factually still belongs to the gray category, but it usually has a strong beige undertone.

The beige undertone of greige wall color radiates a quite visible warm look, which also affects the atmosphere in the kitchen area.

However, you should not be worried that the whole room will look hot because it will not. Besides, the white kitchen cabinets also give enough domination to the kitchen by its neutral color.

Another great thing about choosing greige as the wall color of your kitchen is because right now there are more and more options of greige paint offered by various brands, including the most popular brands.

The example of the paint can be seen in the picture below. Here, the paint color used for the walls of the Mediterranean kitchen is none other but greige. Specifically, it is Sherwin Williams SW 7647 Crushed Ice.

mediterranean kitchen with white cabinets and greige Sherwin Williams SW 7647 Crushed Ice wall paint color

CDA Interior Design

This small Mediterranean kitchen design is filled with white color that does not only come from the cabinets but also the floor, countertops, an island.

I think it is a good thing because in small space like this white color always works properly in avoiding the room from looking smaller.

I can imagine if the kitchen wall is also painted in white, which means that the whole kitchen is decorated in white color, neutral and clean look from the white color is the only thing we can see. Of course, it is not a bad thing. It is only that the room will be lacking in warm look.

This is why the choice of greige wall paint instead of white wall paint in this kitchen design is a wise thing to do.

By adding the greige color, the kitchen area gains warm look, which also at the same time makes the room cozier.

Since greige still belongs to a gray category, of course, it also still provides a clean look to the kitchen area.

Something like this is compatible with the white color of the kitchen as well as all of the stainless-steel appliances placed in there.

4. Beige – Soft Warm Look

Warm look is also something you can get by pairing white kitchen cabinets with the beige wall color.

Of course, it does not mean that the combination will result in the same clean and warm look as when you choose greige for the wall paint.

Instead of clean and warm look, beige wall paint that is paired with white cabinets will create soft, warm look. Of course, this is a suitable choice to pick when you want the cozy and relaxing atmosphere to exist in your cooking area.

Besides, although the use of beige in kitchen wall is no longer strange, you need to know that this will result in something good. It is none other but a non-boring look.

Check out the picture of contemporary kitchen design below as an example.

contemporary kitchen with white cabinets and beige wall paint color

Artistic Renovations of Ohio LLC

In this kitchen design, the beige wall color used as pairing for the white kitchen cabinets comes from Sherwin Williams’s collections. It is Sherwin Williams SW 0050 Classic Light Buff.

In my opinion, this beige wall paint goes well with white especially the very basic shade of white, which is often called by bright white, clean white, or pure white.

It can be said that beige is the color that is quite dominating in this kitchen design. It is because the color is not only used on the wall but also in some other interior elements including backsplash and floor.

Although so, as you can see in the picture above, the kitchen space does not look too warm because of it. Do you know what the reason is?

The only reason is that the designer of the kitchen created balance in the same space by using neutral colors.

The neutral colors meant here are not only white from the cabinets but also black from countertops and stools. Not to forget there are also stainless-steel appliances, which color can be said to be neutral too.

5. Yellow – Cheerful Atmosphere

Next, I also recommend yellow as the color you can make a pair of white kitchen cabinets.

Compared with the previous wall color options that I recommend to you this one is rather different because the result of the combination is a cheerful atmosphere that at the same time is also followed by the warm sunny look.

I believe that a cheerful atmosphere created by yellow wall color like this is perfect for a kitchen are that at the same time also functions as an alternative dining space.

Usually, it is marked by the existence of chairs or stools that are paired with a kitchen island or even a set of dining table and chairs, which overall size is usually not too big.

Just in case that you are wondering about why the cheerful atmosphere is suitable for an alternative dining space as told previously, it is because such atmosphere is very suitable to boost passion and spirit.

Having breakfast to start each day in this spot then is a good idea, right?

A good example of the kind of cheerful atmosphere resulted from the color combo between white (from kitchen cabinets), and yellow (from wall paint) is show nicely in the picture of traditional kitchen design below.

traditional kitchen with white cabinets Sherwin Williams Friendly Yellow wall paint color

David Vogt - Case Design/Remodeling Inc.

As you can see in the picture above, the traditional kitchen design is quite small.

Thankfully, space has a plus point, which is none other but the cheerful atmosphere from the combination of white cabinets and yellow wall.

If you are furious about the wall paint used in this example, it is called Sherwin Williams SW 6680 Friendly Yellow.

Well, the use of this yellow wall paint does not seem to be helpful in making the kitchen space looks more spacious.

However, this problem seems to be solved already using glass windows and doors that enable natural light to enter the room adequately and makes the kitchen to feel more open and airy.

As I already explained previously, it looks that the kitchen area is also purposed as alternative breakfast or dining spot.

This is proven by the existence of 4 barstools, which seems to be paired with the island that at the same time also functions as a table.

6. Dark Blue – Cooling, Deep, and Elegant Look

Enough with the bright, light, and soft choices of wall color to be paired with white kitchen cabinets. This time I will recommend you something dark, dark blue.

The reason why I recommend you to choose dark blue here is that while the white cabinets tend to look bright and clean, the dark blue color is found to be useful in building cooling and deep look.

For me, I love this color for kitchen wall because it is the bright choice to add stunningly elegant look in the kitchen area.

Of course, when it comes to a darker blue color category like this, there are quite a lot of shades you can consider. Those include navy, indigo, peacock, berry, and denim.

The example that you are about to see the following uses a wall color that seems to look like denim blue. The paint used here is specifically Benjamin Moore Stunning 826.

eclectic kitchen with white cabinets and Benjamin Moore Stunning wall paint color

Sara Tuttle Interiors

As you can see from the picture above, the combination between white and dark blue is merely fascinating. Even both colors contrast to one another they can complement each other nicely.

One thing that is found to be quite impressive here is that even the blue wall color is dark it does not make the space looking dreary. The look that pops more is none other but bold look.

Although the thing I’ve just mentioned is a good one, you need to know that there is still a thing you need to pay more attention to avoid the kitchen area from looking dreary when using such a dark wall paint like this. The thing is none other but adequate light.

It is true that the kitchen already has white cabinets you cannot hope that the cabinets alone can beat the dark look resulted from the use of the dark blue wall paint.

Adequate lighting from artificial or/and the natural source is still needed here.

7. Chocolate Brown – Cozy and Delicious Look

The last but not least wall color recommendation that I am about to give here can be said to be one of my most favorites. It is nothing else but chocolate brown paint color.

Chocolate brown and any other brown color can create a cozy look in any interior space. Of course, the kitchen is also included.

However, the cozy look is not the only thing can be obtained from this shade of brown. This can also create a kind of good look, which is also a reason why I think this color is so suitable for the kitchen area.

The example of how this chocolate brown paint color looks in kitchen space can be seen in the picture below.

transitional kitchen with white cabinets and chocolate brown Benjamin Moore Woodcliff Lake wall paint color

Urrutia Design

While it is clear that the brown wall paint looks delicious since it is similar to real chocolate, it is also very clear that cozy atmosphere can be built by using the same paint color even after it is paired with white kitchen cabinets.

One thing that I find to be interesting from this picture is that even the brown shade is dark it does not make the space to look dark and dreary. It seems that the cause is the soft characteristic that the paint color has.

If by any chance you are curious about the chocolate brown paint color used in the picture above, it is known to be Benjamin Moore Woodcliff Lake 980.

So, what do you think about the color recommendation I have shared?

Is there any of the seven choices of color that you think to be suitable for pairing with your white cabinets or do you have your favorite?

It is true that even each choice I list in this post comes with a reason why it is good to pair with white kitchen cabinets since it cannot be separated from my personal preferences. It means you can match your white kitchen cabinets with any wall color of your choice if you want to.

If that is the case, you should take advantage of the white color of the cabinets. Since white is the neutral color, it is easy to pair it with any color.

Do you know what it means? It means you have endless possibilities. Share your color choice here!

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