beige carpet color goes well with gray walls

3 Most Attractive Choices of Color Carpet Goes with Gray Bedroom Walls, What Are They?

Bedroom / September 29, 2017

If specifically you have a bedroom with gray walls and you want to do a flooring renovation by installing new carpet flooring to replace the old flooring in there, certainly you need to know about what color carpet goes with gray walls nicely.

Choosing carpet flooring as pairing for the gray walls in your bedroom is reasonable.

It is especially because this flooring feels soft and comfortable, it is warm, and it absorbs sound for the sake of quieter bedroom. So overall carpet flooring makes a cozier bedroom.

For you to know the most attractive carpet color choices recommended for you to take into consideration are only 3. Those are dark gray, light gray and beige.

Surely, each of these colors has its own excellence. Further information about all those will be provided for you in the following.

Dark Gray - Compatibility and Restful Atmosphere

As told earlier, each carpet flooring color mentioned previously is suggested with reason.

Dark gray, for example, is basically said to be the most attractive color carpet to be paired with gray walls because basically when it comes to the connection between walls and flooring in bedroom area gray and gray can create the harmony needed without any problem.

In other words, this carpet color has compatibility value when being paired with gray bedroom walls.

Is that the only excellence this carpet color has? Of course not!

When being used together with gray walls in the bedroom, dark carpet flooring also has the ability to build up the restful atmosphere.

Its dark tone makes it easier for eyes to rest. Something like this can certainly help you in creating good quality sleep, right?

Now, let’s check out some bedroom design examples in which gray walls and dark gray carpet flooring are paired.

dark gray carpet color goes with gray walls

First, you can see this picture of the contemporary bedroom. There are several possible reasons why this color is chosen for the carpet flooring of the room.

The first is the room already has light gray walls, white ceiling, and enough natural light from the window.

Choosing bright-colored carpet is not the best decision here since it will add another source of brightness in the room, which can possibly reduce the comfort of resting in there.

The second is the room has dark-colored furniture and decoration options, which are dominated by black color.

Choosing dark gray carpet instead of any other brighter-colored carpet is better for meeting the bright color of the room's walls and ceiling and the dark color of the furniture.

In other words, the carpet color avoids the room from being unbalanced quite smoothly.

dark gray carpet color goes with high dark gray walls

H&H Design

This one is not the same as the previous example. If in the previous example the gray wall color that is paired with dark gray carpet flooring is light and warm, this one is dark.

Unlike light grey color that can make any bedroom to look airy, brighter, and even more spacious, dark gray color tend to do things on the contrary.

This is the reason why this tone, especially when the gray on the gray idea is used, is not really suitable to apply in the small bedroom since it will only make the room feel cramped.

That is why spacious bedroom or the one with high walls as seen in the example is more suitable for the idea.

dark gray carpet color goes with light gray walls

If you need another example of bedroom design that has light gray walls and dark gray carpet, the picture above can be said to be a quite good one to get inspired by. Besides, it is also a proof that light grey walls can be paired not only with light-colored carpet.

The use of dark grey carpet flooring in this picture is as a matter of fact successful in creating a nice-looking transitional bedroom design, which actually also has a quite strong modern impression because of the color choices in there.

The trick you can follow from this picture in relation to how you can choose the right dark gray color for a bedroom with the light gray wall is by choosing also some other elements with the very similar or even exactly the same dark gray tone.

In this picture, those elements are the backless sofa and window shades.

By doing so, you do not need to worry about losing the balance of the overall bedroom design.

Light Gray - Compatibility and Brighter Look

Just like dark gray carpet flooring, light gray carpet flooring color is also known to have the same compatibility excellence.

Clearly, the reason is none other but the fact that gray is always being a compatible color to pair with gray.

Although the previous excellence is the same, of course, this choice of carpet flooring color has something different that will make you choose it more than the dark gray one. It is none other but the ability to create a brighter look.

Let’s see some examples of bedroom designs in the following.

light gray carpet color goes with light gray walls

Creative Group Interiors

The first example for light gray carpet and gray walls combination can be seen in the picture above.

The combination of light gray color and white color like this can create the dreamy look in the room. That is also the reason why choosing a darker color for the carpet flooring is not recommended. Doing so will only ruin the dreamy atmosphere that is simply perfect for the bedroom area.

If you look carefully, both of the light gray walls and light gray carpet flooring that is used specifically can be said to have greige color, which is the combination of gray and beige. In other words, both wall and carpet colors here are included in the category of warm gray color.

This is, as a matter of fact, another good thing can be found in this bedroom design. Warm gray color is simply suitable for enhancing comfort and coziness in bedroom space.

light grey carpet color goes with light grey walls

The next example can be seen from this picture of contemporary bedroom design in which gray on the gray idea is applied to the wall and flooring.

The impact resulted from the use of both light gray walls and carpet floor here is not only about how the room looks brighter. It is also that the room feels airier.

It is supported even better by the fact that there is no door used to separate the bedroom with the room next to it and the use of lots of windows to let more natural light and air in.

Beige - Harmonious and Warm Atmosphere

Beige is also considered to be the best color for the carpet to be paired with gray walls.

The reason is that this shade of brown is quite neutral so it will not be hard for it to match gray color of the walls.

However, it does not mean you can replace beige with any other neutral color since it means you may lose the harmonious and warm atmosphere you can see in the bedroom area, which is, as a matter of fact, another factor that can guarantee good, peaceful, and relaxing resting.

Please take a look at the picture below as the first example of the gray wall and beige carpet flooring combo.

beige carpet color goes with light gray walls

Creating a dreamy look in a bedroom with gray walls and white color that is quite dominating can be done by choosing beige for the color of carpet flooring as exemplified in this picture.

Even this choice does not belong to gray is can still match the tone quite well because basically beige is a neutral color.

If by any chance the walls in your bedroom are colored dark gray, you can actually still consider the 3 most attractive choices of carpet color mentioned in the beginning of this post as options to consider.

Even so, you need to know that actually, the best carpet color you should consider more is none other but beige.

This can be explained by using the following picture as the example.

beige carpet color goes with dark grey walls

The use of darker grey walls in this contemporary bedroom design is found to be quite reasonable actually.

If you see carefully, this bedroom is filled with some accessories with dark grey color, including the bedding, curtains, and also pillows.

It is reasonable then if this interior design can be said to look quite balanced.

The best thing of all, the design does not let dull impression to enter this bedroom area by not choosing dark-colored furniture pieces.

As you can see here, most furniture pieces in the room have white color and there is one dresser that has a yellow color.

Another trick can be done here is the choice of beige carpet flooring instead of other. This also softens the too strong dark impression comes from the dark walls and some room accessories.

beige carpet color goes with dark grey walls for nursery room

Another good example of the use of beige carpet to match dark gray walls can be seen in this baby room, which is actually more familiar to call as nursery room.

With the pink details here and there, it is very clear that the room is made for a baby girl.

Even so, it does not stop the designer to use dark gray wall paint, which is as a matter of fact quite unusual for the baby room, especially the one made for a baby girl.

In such situation, the use of beige carpet flooring really gives a significant effect. It helps in the way it softens the darkness resulted from the use of dark gray walls, which factually also serves a good thing, which is making and white details of the baby room to look more popping.

beige carpet color goes with light gray walls for small transitional bedroom

The next picture example is this one in which you can see the room is painted light gray and the type of flooring used by the designer is beige.

It is interesting that the designed does not pick clear beige carpet but the stained one. Amazingly, the stained look actually makes the room looks more attractive.

Another good point you can learn from this picture is the use of transitional detail to connect both most dominant colors in this room rather smoothly.

The transitional detail meant here is the white trim that separates the walls and the floor.

In order to avoid the appearance of white color to be odd in the design, the designer also uses this color for window frame and bedding set.

To give you more information, do you know what another interesting detail you can see in this bedroom design is? It is actually the use of a bit of yellow color as seen in the bedcover.

For you to know yellow is another color that as a matter of fact goes well with gray.

It has been discussed previously that dark gray, light gray, and beige goes well when paired with light gray walls.

However, there might still be a question you have in mind, which is about which one among the three that is best to suit some specific type of gray wall color.

For example, if you have the light gray color, it is reasonable if you want to know about the best color choice for the carpet flooring from all 3 colors that we are discussing here.

In this case, beige might be the answer you need to know. Without saying that the other two colors are bad to match with light gray walls, beige carpet flooring has excellences that cannot be found in dark gray or light gray carpet color when it comes to light gray wall.

beige carpet color goes with light gray walls for simple contemporary bedroom

The most obvious reason is that beige does not belong to the shades of gray and that is why choosing this carpet color for the light gray-painted bedroom can significantly add richness to the color scheme.

Besides, beige carpet flooring also tends to make any gray-colored bedroom, which in fact builds a colder impression, to look warmer. This can also be seen in the picture above.

beige carpet color goes with light gray walls for narrow bedroom

The use of beige carpet in a bedroom with the light gray wall is as a matter of fact also suggested for you to do because it gives positive impact to room design in relation to other items you place in the room (especially about the colors of those items).

As you may already know, beige is also included in the category of neutral color, which means it can be paired with any color easily.

In the room design with light gray walls and beige carpet, you can then focus more on the choices of another color that is matching with light gray and can boost the good look of the room design.

As you can see in this picture example of a bedroom of an apartment, there is a yellow chair placed in front of a study desk without interrupting the interior design. It is because yellow is one of the matching colors for gray and it goes well with beige the neutral color.

Matching beige carpet and gray walls in bedroom area is not a hard thing to do actually. It is especially when the walls are light gray instead of the dark one. It is because light gray and beige can create soft and dreamy look in the bedchamber so it is almost always guaranteed that comfortable sleep can be obtained easily in there

beige and light gray carpet color combination goes with light gray walls

If you worry that once you pick beige carpet flooring it will not match the gray walls in your bedroom, the design tricks found in this picture can be the right decision to follow.

The first trick is actually by choosing multi-tone carpet flooring with beige and gray combination. Of course, the gray color should be similar to the gray color of the walls to avoid any incompatibility.

Another plus point you can see on the carpet in this picture is that it has a pattern to enhance the beauty of the room even more.

The second trick that can also be found in this room example is by choosing furniture and accessories with the same beige color with the flooring.

As you can see from the picture, the curtain and bed have very similar beige color as seen in the carpet detail. It is reasonable if the beige and gray color scheme in this bright room design looks very harmonious.

While it has been mentioned earlier that dark gray, light gray, and beige are the colors that go really well with gray walls in bedroom design, it is very natural if you still ask about which of the three is actually the best choice.

Unfortunately, this is a question that is rather hard to answer. When paired with gray walls, no matter whether it is light gray walls or the dark one, each of those color gives different impact to the room design.

beige carpet color goes with light gray wall for large contemporary bedroom

beige carpet color goes with dark gray walls for traditional bedroom

For instance, you can see the two different pictures above. In both pictures, beige carpet flooring is used

However, in the first picture, the beige carpet is paired with light gray walls while in the second picture the carpet is paired with dark gray walls. Of course, the look resulted from each idea is different.

The use of beige carpet in the first picture is meant to create balance in the color scheme chosen for the bedroom area. This is proven by the fact that the carpet is not the only light brown detail can be found in the room. There are bed, pillows, and lampshades that also belong to the category of light brown color.

On the other hand, the use of beige carpet flooring shows something different. It is not meant for balancing. It is meant to make the dark gray walls and everything in it to be more prominent. It is reasonable then if the painting and even the vintage dresser in this room look way more visible than the beige carpet flooring.

Does the whole explanation about the three most attractive carpet colors that goes well with gray wall in this post give you some inspirations to play with schemes in your very own bedroom?

If yes, you just need to pay more attention to how you want the gray color combination to be, whether it is to create balance, to make the room brighter, make some details prominent or something else.

If you have decided first about that, certainly it will never be hard to know about the best carpet color to choose for your gray-painted bedroom.

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    A very comprehensive, easy to read guide to choosing the best carpet color to harmonize with grey painted walls of every shade. We chose the lightest “greige” (grey-beige) paint for all the walls of our small, 3 story townhouse (white ceilings and trim) due to the modest light from the small windows. After reading your article, I now feel confident in narrowing my carpet choices to a low pile medium shade of “greige” with some texture, or mixed tones (grey and beige and a dash of charcoal for drama) for the upper floor (bedrooms and hall). Thank you for providing this excellent article.

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