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5 Best Wall and Trim Color Combinations for Any Interior Space

Interiors / November 24, 2017

The right wall and trim color combinations is a thing that is useful in building interesting interior design.

This seems to prove also that interior trim is an element that does not only function simply as finishing touch that does not need further attention.

Just like a wall, interior trim can also be painted so it will create a better combination with the wall color that will finally result in a fascinating look.

In the topic about the combination between wall and trim color, there are at least five best combinations that are applicable in any interior space.

Those are any wall color and white trim combo for a fresh look, any wall color and black trim combo for creating statement as well as contrast yet fashionable look, any wall color with mid-tone neutral trim for transitional effect and traditional look, any wall color with wood trim for rustic and/or warm look, and lastly beige or white wall color and bold pastel trim for a unique and eclectic look.

If right now you are looking for the right combination of the wall color and interior trim color, in the following is the full explanations about the five best combinations mentioned earlier.

1. Any Wall Color and White Trim - Giving Fresh Look to the Interior

The first combination is any wall color and white interior trim. As told before, this is the combination you should choose if you want to give a fresh look in your interior space.

When you are told that white interior trim can be paired with any wall color you want, maybe you think you do not get any clue about which wall color to pick.

Well, such confusion is not necessary because you can choose any wall color you want when the trim is white.

The only reason is none other but because the white color of the trim can only be paired with any color because of its neutral characteristic. You will never fail when this trim color is the one you choose.

Do you know what it means? This trim color is very suitable to pick especially when you already have a wall color choice but cannot decide what trim color to combine with it.

Although this can be something to ease your burdens when thinking about the combination of the wall color and trim color, there is still one other thing you need to know.

Being paired with a different color can make white interior trim creates a different visual other than fresh white only.

For example, when you pair white trim with neutral wall color commonly the trim color can avoid the wall color from looking colorless because of its neutral characteristic. The way is by bringing out the undertone of the wall color.

White trim is also good to be paired with bold and strong wall color since it will tone down the wall color and makes it less strong. The example of this can be seen in the craftsman master bedroom picture below.

craftsman master bedroom with Benjamin Moore Rockport Grey HC-105 wall color and Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17 trim color combinations

Ashley Rohe Design

In this master bedroom design, the combination of wall and trim color is known to be fossil gray and white.

For the more specific information, the fossil gray wall color here is taken from Benjamin Moore’s collection, which is Benjamin Moore Rockport Grey HC-105. The white trim color is actually Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17.

The gray wall color of this room is a neutral color. That is why it looks nice being paired with white trim.

At the same time, it is quite clear that the wall color also looks rather bold.

In this case, the thing you need to know is that the white trim can tone down the gray color so it will not be something too strong for a bedroom, which is none other but a place for resting.

In other words, a more comfortable and relaxing look is resulted because of the help of the white interior trim.

Still related to the combo between any wall colors with white trim, there is still another thing you need to know. Check out the picture below for example.

contemporary living room with white interior trim, Benjamin Moore Adams Gold HC-18 wall color and Benjamin Moore Racing Orange 2169-10 fireplace wall color combinations

Maria Killam

In this picture, you can see that the white interior trim is paired with a colorful orange wall that is still a part of the floor to ceiling fireplace.

Here, the white trim does not only create a fresh look but at the same time looks like an accent color on the wall. Of course, something like this has more chance to steal attention in the space.

Just in case that you are curious, the orange wall color here is Benjamin Moore Racing Orange 2169-10 but the white trim color is unknown.

Although so, you can just use any other similar wall paint if you are inspired by the color combination idea. The last but not least, the yellowish wall color paired with the orange fireplace is Benjamin Moore Adams Gold HC-18.

2. Any Wall Color and Black Trim - Creating Statement and Contrast Fashionable Look

The next color combination is between any wall color and black interior trim.

Just like the previous combination, this one also has benefited because of the neutral black trim. The benefit is that any wall color can be paired with the black trim without failing.

Of course, that is not the primary benefit of the combination. The main benefit is that this combo can be used to create not only a statement in interior space but also a fashionable contrast look.

The fashionable look resulted from the use of black trim that is combined with any wall color can be seen when the trim is used in a specific way. It is when framing not only windows but also doorway and makes them look like a framed pictures.

The example of this is shown clearly in the picture of Victorian style dining room below.

Victorian dining room with black trim and Benjamin Moore Carrington Beige HC-93 wall color combinations

Neuhaus Design Architecture, P.C.

In this dining room, the wall color that is used is Benjamin Moore Carrington Beige HC-93.

For the interior trim, there are two types of trims can be found here.

The first one is the beige crown molding trim that defines the wall and the ceiling and the second one is the black trim used in doorways, the lower part of the walls, and wall mirror.

Since black trim is the main topic here, let us focus more on this instead of the beige trim.

From this picture, you can see not only how fashionable the interior space because of the color combination between the beige wall and black trim. Here, you can also clearly see how classic the interior is.

The classic look is not only resulted from the detail of the black trim as well as the choice of furniture and flooring in the dining area. It is caused by the beige and black combination itself.

Yes, it is a truth that you have to know that when being paired with neutral wall color black interior trim tends to build up a classic look.

Another thing you need to know too is how black trim can make a statement in any interior space. This is something caused by the strong and bold character of black color itself.

Black trim naturally can make any other colors and elements in any room to look less superior. This is the reason why this can automatically become a statement in the room.

The last but not least right thing you need to know is that when black trim is used in a room with the neutral color scheme, it can make the space to look more lively.

Surely, this benefit can be counted on to when you want to update your neutral-schemed interior.

3. Any Wall Color and Midtone Neutral Trim - Creating Transitional Effect and Traditional Look

The next combination is between any wall color and mid-tone neutral trim. As told at the beginning of this post, this is the combination that will give you transitional effect.

Before going further, right now you possibly are wondering about what midtone neutral interior trim is.

To make it easier for you, this can only be explained as neutral color interior trim that is not too bright and not too dark. Some lighter shades of gray, including the one you can see in the picture below, are the examples.

shabby chic bedroom with ivory white wall and gray interior trim color combinations

ACR Villa Skovly

From the picture above, the transitional effect is created by the way the gray trim separate the warm white wall color from the white ceiling and the dark tone hardwood flooring. This function also builds up the traditional look in the same space.

It is quite unfortunate that the exact paint colors used for the wall and trim are not shared, so you have to find other similar choices if you are inspired by this design.

About the traditional look produced by the kind of interior trim we talk about here, there is a question that some people have in mind.

What if I want to choose this kind of wall and trim color combination but do not want my space to gain the traditional look? Well, you do not need to worry because there is a solution for this.

When you face the same situation, the only solution that is recommended for you to do is adding more modern furniture in the space where the wall and trim combination is applied.

By doing so, you can soften the traditional look and gain a more modern look instead.

Something like this is proven in the following picture in which traditional impression from the combo between Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige SW 7036 wall color and Benjamin Moore Northampton Putty HC-89 trim color is tamed by the use of sleek and modern cabinets in darker brown color as well as the use of modern kitchen appliances instead of the traditional ones.

contemporary kitchen with beige wall and gray trim color combinations

valerie pasquiou interiors + design, inc

4. Any Wall Color and Wood Trim - Creating Warm and/or Rustic Look

Next, there is a combination of any wall color and wood trim or interior trim that is painted in wood color. This combo is perfect to choose if you want to create a warm interior look.

Besides, since the wood trim is the one that is used in this combo, rustic look is another thing you can obtain from it. However, there is a condition that makes rustic look to be possible to build by using this combination.

The condition meant previously is related mainly to the type of finish applied to the interior trim itself.

Usually, the rustic look can be created when the trim still has its natural look or at least when it is not made from the real wood material it is made to look like one.

The more natural the wood trim looks will result in the stronger the rustic look it can create.

If the wood trim has the finish that makes it loses its natural look, or when it is fully painted with another color, usually the look that is resulted tends to be something else like traditional, modern, contemporary, and so on.

Of course, the look itself cannot be separated from other elements in the interior design, including also the furniture and decorations.

To make it more understandable for you, let us check out the following example of interior design in which wood trim and a certain wall color are used.

This example is a traditional kitchen entry that is made in Tudor style.

traditional kitchen entry with Pumice paint from Restoration Hardware and custom stained interior trim color combinations

Ventana Construction LLC

There are two main details we can find in this kitchen entry design.

The first one is none other but the use of white wall paint, which is specifically known to be Pumice paint from Restoration Hardware’s Flint Paint Collection, and wood interior trim to frame door and window as well as creating transitional effect between the wall, floor, and ceiling.

The second detail is related more to the wooden trim used in the design.

For you to know, the color of the trim is gained from custom staining process. This process is done to perfectly match the trim color with the color of the mahogany material of the door and window.

Besides, this is also done for matching the trim and the choice of medium tone hardwood flooring used in the kitchen.

In this design, no rustic look is resulted because of the type of custom stained finish applied to the trim. The interior gained warm traditional look from the color combination instead.

This traditional look is also strongly supported by the design of the door and window as shown in the picture above.

The next example is this picture of the following. This one is different from the previous example because, in this interior design, the warm and rustic look is the one that is shown more.

rustic family room with light stained wood trim and Kelly Moore #230 Graystone wall paint color combinations

John Buchan Homes

While it is clear that the warm look and atmosphere inside this family room results mainly from the choices of wall color and wood trim, it is the wood trim that contributes significantly in the building of rustic look in this room design.

This is especially because of the trim; even it is lightly stained, still has a quite strong natural look of wood. Besides, as you can see in the picture too, the wood trim looks quite dominating in the interior space too.

Certainly, the rustic look in this space cannot be separated from the use of right wall color choice and other rustic elements, especially the light hardwood flooring, in the same space.

By the way, the wall color used in this design is known to be Kelly Moore #230 Graystone.

5. Beige or White Wall Color and Bold Pastel Trim - Creating Unique and Eclectic Look

The last but not best combination of wall and trim color is between beige or white wall and bold pastel trim.

Particularly, this combination will create both unique and eclectic look in any room in your house.

Not to forget that using this color combination in a certain room in your house can result in an extra look that will make the room looks even better.

For example, this combination is suitable to create a lively atmosphere in a space like the dining room, family room, kitchen area, or living room.

When used in a simple-designed bedroom, this combination is effective in building up the dreamy atmosphere that is, of course, helpful in creating a more relaxing rest.

If you need an example of how this color combination is applied, you can check out the following picture.

victorian kitchen with Benjamin Moore Acadia White OC-38 wall paint and pastel green crown trim color combinations

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

The color combination used here is between the warm white wall color and pastel green trim. The green trim meant here is a crown molding that is only used to separate ceiling and wall.

Even the portion of the trim is rather small in this interior design; it looks quite significant actually. It is especially because the trim also has matching color with the kitchen cabinets.

The wall color used in this design is told to be Benjamin Moore Acadia White OC-38. Unfortunately, the trim color is unknown.

However, if you look closely, this trim color looks rather similar to the cabinet color, and the cabinet color is Benjamin Moore Van Alen Green HC-120.

So, what do you think about the five best wall and trim color combinations shared in this post? Is there any choice that arrests your attention the most?

The sure thing is, most of the combinations are quite practical to use and will result in a specific look that will make your interior looks better.

Besides, most of them also allow you to use any wall color on your choice. Fascinating aren’t they?

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