19 privacy screen for deck railing ideas

19 Most Fabulous Privacy Screen for Deck Railing Ideas You Must Look

Exteriors / July 30, 2019

Privacy screen for deck railing is a must-have accessory. It is especially when the place is an extended living area that you usually use for different activities, like cooking, barbequing, sitting, eating, or even relaxing.

Do you know why we say that you must get the screen? Just like the name, it is beneficial in adding extra privacy in the deck area. With it, you can enjoy your time there conveniently without having to worry about spying eyes.

The question then is: what kind of privacy screen you should add to the deck railing design? If this is what you have in mind right now, you are in the right place.

Here, we will share to you 19 most fabulous ideas of privacy screen for a deck railing that you must take a look. Everything we share here will help you to find the design to match with the existing rail that you own.

Besides, all the privacy screen we are about to mention here are way more interesting than deck rail covers that you can purchase at a store. That is why they can be the right choice to enhance the look of your house from outside.

Without wasting more of your time, let's start with idea number 1.

1. Lattice Privacy Screen with Pergola

The first type of privacy screen you can combine directly with the railing design of your deck is a lattice. Here, the model that we choose doesn't consist of the structure only but also a pergola. The result looks so fabulous and elegant as you can see in the pic below.

traditional deck with railing, lattice screen, and pergola


This traditional deck is rather small. However, it doesn't stop the owner from providing a comfortable outdoor sitting area on it.

When you use lattice as a privacy screen, you do not need to do a big renovation. You can install it by attaching it to the existing rail.

The addition of pergola as a pair for the privacy screen in the design does not only create a fab. It also provides shade that can make the place more comfortable to use, especially on a sunny day, without entirely block the outdoor feel there.

The coziness also comes from the choices of furniture pieces and decorations placed there. The color scheme choice also makes the outdoor living to look fancier.

With a nice sitting area like this, you can spend your time outside comfortably without having to feel that someone is watching.

2. Custom Hanging White Lattice Privacy Screen

The other fabulous idea we want to share to you here still includes lattice. However, the design is quite different because the structure is hanged to get the function of privacy screens.

eclectic deck with hanging privacy screens


The hanging lattice is the one that creates a fantastic appearance in the whole design. Moreover, the frame also includes pergola in the design.

This item does not only create an elegant look. It is also functional because you can hang some potted plants or grow some beautiful vines on it.

a special frame built behind the railing to hang the privacy screens


At a glance, it may look like the unique frame to hang the privacy screens are attached directly on the railing of the deck. The fact is that it is not.

When you look closely, you will know that there is a particular structure built behind the railing. Everything is shown clearly in this picture.

3. Tall Horizontal Privacy Screen

Some people love their privacy screen to be quite tall so they can get the kind of comfort they need to spend time at the deck whenever they want. For them, a choice like this tall horizontal privacy screen is excellent.

grey tall horizontal privacy screen in a second-story deck


This kind of accessory is suitable for blocking the view of your deck from the neighborhood. However, it won't block the air-flow and will still allow some lights to pass through.

This painted screen also prove that you can add a statement color to the accessory to create a stunning look. Particularly in this design, the grey tone creates a prominent contemporary style to the whole deck area.

the privacy screen and railing are in non-separated design


From the back view, you can see that the privacy screen and the rail are not separated parts. Everything is a unity in the design.

Do you know what that means? It is proof that the screen and the rail were created at the same time.

If you already have a railing, you should not always do a significant renovation only to add the accessory in the fencing design. An option like a freestanding screen is always available for you to consider.

With it, you do not need to do a renovation to the railing, but at the same time, you can get the privacy you need.

4. Pergola Privacy Screen with Curtain

It seems pergola is a quite popular choice when it comes to creating a fabulous privacy screen for a deck. The reason is not only because you can install the structure on the railing. It is also because you can pair it with lots of materials.

privacy screen for deck from a pergola and brown curtain

Pretty Smart Homes

In this next idea, the stunning pair for the pergola is curtains with ties. Here, the chosen color is brown.

Since the curtains are for outdoor use, you need to make sure that they have the specifications to match the external conditions and weather. This kind of accessory is available at stores for you to buy.

The reason why we recommend you to pick curtains with ties is that it will give you the flexibility to use the screen or to close it.

the back view of the pergola and curtains privacy screen

Pretty Smart Homes

Here, you can see that when closed, the curtains can cover everything all the way down to the floor. In other words, a design like this can provide you excellent coverage.

Another good thing you need to know is that you can choose any color or pattern for the outdoor curtains. This way, you can find an excellent pair to match both of your taste and the exterior design of your house.

5. Louver Privacy Screen

Do you know what louver is? It is angled horizontal slats, which function is for blinds or shutters for windows and even doors.

Louver design allows the flowing or air and indirect light to the deck area. That is why it is also an excellent option for a deck privacy screen that you can install directly on the railing. Besides, the particular design also looks nice.

traditional deck with rustic louver screen


There are so many ways you can choose to use louver as a privacy screen for the railing in your deck design. The one you see in this picture is the example.

Here, the louver does not come alone since it has pergola as the pairing. At the same time, it also functions as a frame for the screen. At the end, there is even a hanging flowery plant added to make the deck area even more decorative.

6. Pergola Privacy Screen with Roll-up Blinds

Using roll up blinds as a privacy screen in the deck railing design is already common. It gives you flexibility and ease because you can open and close them quickly with the rolling design.

When you are interested in using the accessories, you can make the whole design more fabulous by using pergola as the frame to use the blinds above the deck railing.

pergola and roll-up blinds as a privacy screen on deck railing


Here is the example that you can take a look. The privacy screen becomes a necessity because of the house location in the neighborhood. The outdoor area of each house is visible from the other. Besides, there are also kitchen and dining area included in the deck.

The pergola structure here is installed directly on the deck railing. It has a rather big and prominent upper part.

The side frames are also big enough that there two wall lamp added to them. This way, the pergola does not only support the roll-up blinds to create privacy for the deck but also something that can enhance the dramatic and cozy atmosphere there.

7. Plants in Planters as Privacy Screen

Plants are other things that you can pair with deck railing to create a privacy screen. The good news is that there are so many species you can use in many different ways in this case.

As an example, to create a fab, you can pair the plants with planters to cover the deck rail. Take a look at the following picture.

the use of planters and plant as natural deck railing screen


Planters are available in so many designs. In the pic, these items have a contemporary style. It looks simple but provides excellent privacy because of the continuous model.

full coverage for deck railing offered by fencing plants in planters


Of course, if you want an even better privacy level, the type of plant you must choose is fencing plants. There are quite a lot of choices available. The example is one you see in the pic.

No matter which plant type you choose, the sure thing is that together with the planter it can give the coverage needed for the deck railing. Besides, plants also bring a refreshing and natural atmosphere to the outdoor living.

8. Framed Lattice Privacy Screen and Potted Plants

When plants in pots or planters are not enough, you can include framed lattice to the privacy screen design. It is a simple material that can enhance the cover design significantly. Besides, it is also one you can install on or behind the deck railing quite easily without having to do a big renovation.

the combo of framed lattice and potted plants for deck rail screen


Using the same color for the frame, lattice, and pots might be great because it shows consistency. However, if you want to create a more stunning look, you can try to make a contrasting design, as shown in the pic.

Here, the contrast look is not only visible in the privacy screen. It also exists in the railing design, which is good because the whole deck also has a consistent look. It gets even better because the floor tone also belongs to the same color scheme.

9. Bamboo Privacy Screen

When we talk about privacy screen, including the one meant to use to give your deck railing a coverage, bamboo is a material you should not forget. It has the natural beauty look, and it even comes with plenty of other benefits.

deck railing privacy screen for outdoor bar area


The bamboo screen is also a versatile material that you can use in so many ways and different locations. It also has the strength and durability so it will be fine for you to it to add privacy in the railing design behind the grill or stove you place on the deck.

vertical bamboo screen on deck railing


The natural value of bamboo can also make the rail privacy screen easier to blend with the nature-themed deck that you have. You can pair it easily with any living plant options that you love.

A design like this is not only lovely for the outdoor living design. It will also be excellent for an alternative dining area outside the house.

10. Live Bamboo Privacy Screen

One thing that you need to know is that there are at least two ways of using bamboo to create a privacy screen for your deck railing. The first is the one we discussed previously, in which the material is turned into a screen. The second is the real living plants.

living bamboo plants for deck railing screen


Some bamboo species are suitable to use as fencing plants. It does not grow too tall, it has rather small stems, and it looks beautiful.

While these plants can serve you the function of privacy screen, you may want to make the whole design looks even more fabulous. The idea shown in the pic is quite fantastic, in which the top of the bamboo planter is covered nicely with white pebbles.

11. Deck Rail and Privacy Screen with the Same Style and Material

Sometimes, you do not have to think in a complicated way to decide the incredible privacy cover to pair with your deck railing. Just choose the same material for both of them, and everything can look stunning.

Scandinavian deck with same-material railing and privacy screen


Take a look at this image as an example. This deck has the same material for the railing and privacy screen. To avoid a boring and too monotonous look, the designer chooses a different wood for the floor.

As you can see, this deck is rather small. However, the designer is successful in making it looks fantastic by choice of railing and privacy screen. Besides, the furniture pieces and the decorations also make the limited space to be a cozy one.

12. Tempered Glass Privacy Screen

Another material you can choose for the privacy screen of your deck railing is tempered glass. It does not only make the outdoor space to be a private area, but it also offers elegance.

Usually, when creating a privacy screen with this material, it will be unity with the railing no matter whether they are in the same height or not.

tall tempered glass privacy screen for metal deck railing


The first example is the use of tempered glass privacy screen as a pair of deck railing. The frame has the same material with the fencing, which seems to be made of metal.

The screen is taller than the rest of the railing. That is why it can provide the privacy needed for the outdoor sitting area.

tempered glass privacy screen with lights


Here is another example you can take a look. It is a bit different from the previous one because the deck railing is brick and the privacy screen is tempered glass with metal frame.

An interesting thing you can get inspired by it is that the designer also includes some lights in the screen design. They will be useful at night as well as making the outdoor living cozier.

13. Tall Wood Stripes Privacy Screen

As told earlier, an outdoor sitting area like a deck can be a more comfortable place for spending time when you have extra privacy there. We have mentioned previously also that tall screen is the best choice to pair with the railing to fulfill this purpose.

Although the material used for the railing is the same, which is wood, the design is quite different. It uses stripes style, as shown in the pic below.

stripes wood for privacy screen


Here, the tall privacy screen covers the location of the chaise longue. It then makes the area more comfortable to use when doing many things, including taking a nap when the weather is nice.

14. Metal Sheet Privacy Screen for Deck Railing

Metal sheet privacy screen is another choice that we recommend you to choose. The best thing about it is that it comes with cutting that will not only give it custom pattern but also allow air and light flow.

black-colored metal screen as deck railing pair


Take a look at this deck design as an example. Here, you can see that at one side there is a set of black metal sheet privacy screen used as the pair for the railing.

The design is a bit taller than the fencing. It is excellent to match the fact that the house location is in a rather crowded neighborhood that makes the upper deck area to be visible to the surroundings.

The black color of the metal sheets is compatible with the railing tone. Although it looks rather simple, the cutting details make the design more decorative, and it affects the whole area.

15. Privacy Screen for Metal Sheet and Louver

If you want to choose patterned metal sheet to pair with the deck railing but you are afraid that the final result will look too cold, there is a solution to try. It is to match the sheet with wooden material.

The example that we want to take a look because of the fabulous visual is the combo between the sheet and louver.

louver and metal sheet combo for a privacy screen


The wooden material of the louver erases the cold impression from the metal sheet. As for the overall deck design, it can create a cozier atmosphere so the place will be excellent for hanging out.

As for the metal sheet, there are quite a lot of pattern options available. Therefore it will be easy for you to get one that can enhance the decorative value of the deck significantly regardless of the size. For the color, choosing something neutral would be very helpful since it is easier to pair with the wooden louver.

16. Exotic Hardwood Privacy Screen

If you want a fabulous privacy screen, one of the best things to do is choosing the best material. Thankfully there is a lot of option available to take into consideration. One of them is exotic hardwood.

deck privacy screen from exotic hardwood material


This material does not only provide an elegant look. It also gives quality and durability. It may cost you a bit more money at the beginning, but it is also an excellent investment to consider.

When you choose exotic wood as the material for the privacy screen, it will be great if you also use it for the deck railing. Consistency and compatible look are the main reason here.

17. Reed Privacy Screen

This next option is not only fabulous but is also very interesting because of the design. It is a deck railing privacy screen from reed panels.

deck railing privacy screen from reed panels


This option is quite unique because of the design. Besides, it is also an excellent choice not only to bring a natural but also tropical atmosphere to your deck.

18. Freestanding Foldable Privacy Screen

Next, there is freestanding and foldable privacy screen for the deck railing. Since the primary purpose, we want to achieve is not only the privacy but also the look, you can choose a material that can fulfill all those.

freestanding and foldable panels to cover deck railing


As an example, you can choose a foldable wicker panel, as shown in the picture. Something like this looks elegant and stylish in a natural way.

With the freestanding style, you can directly place the screen right in front of the deck railing. With the foldable style, this accessory becomes space-friendly. This way, whenever you don't use it, you can store it without using too much space.

19. Privacy Screen with Built-in Wooden Bench

The last but not least fabulous choice of privacy screen as coverage for the railing is the one that comes with a built-in wood bench. It will be a perfect choice to pick if you have a plan to use the deck as outdoor living.

dark hardwood privacy screen with built-in bench


To make sure that you get the excellent look, you should choose the best material to create both of the bench and the privacy screen. It is best to choose the same wood for both of them.

A bench for privacy screen like this is commonly not available commercially. You can build this at the same time when you create the privacy screen. It is the reason why the same choice of material is recommended. If possible, you can make the deck railing to have the same wood.

20. Final Words

So, what do you think about the 19 most fabulous choices of privacy screen for a deck railing that we shared above? They are certainly more incredible than the regular cover for the rail, right?

Remember, you should not fully cover the deck with a privacy screen, or else it will lose the outdoor living space sense. It is better for you to use this accessory in one or two sides of the area only.

In this case, you can choose the side that you think needs extra covering. The example is the one that is visible more from the neighborhood.

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