7 living room color ideas for brown furniture

7 Most Attractive Living Room Color Ideas for Brown Furniture in Your Very Own Space

Interiors / February 4, 2018

Knowing about living room color ideas for brown furniture is primarily important. It is mainly because with this knowledge you will be able to decide easier about the kind of visual effect shown after pairing the brown furniture with other colors in the room.

Below is the list of 7 most attractive colors you can pair with brown furniture in living room area.

In the list, you will also find the kind of unique visual effect as a result of matching brown furniture with a particular choice of color from the list.

1. White – Brighten Up Living Room Interior

open style country living room with white wall and brown furniture

Colin Cadle Photography

The first color idea we recommend you to try is the use of white color as a mate for the brown furniture in living room area.

The visual effect that you can get when using this idea is living room interior that gets brighter because of the white color.

For you to know, this idea works especially when the brown living room furniture has a darker shade. Without the white color, the furniture will look too dark.

You can see the application of this color idea in the picture of open style country living room above. As you can see, regular brown leather sofas are the brown furniture pieces used here. There is a standard brown coffee table too.

Both of the sofa and table has a dark shade of brown. Pairing it with something dark, such as other furniture pieces with dark tones or darker wall color will make the interior space loses its airy atmosphere. Doing so can cause the room looks less spacious too.

Making sure that the room is bright enough to avoid all those is the best thing to do here. Therefore also white is the best color to pair with the brown furniture to brighten the room up.

As you can see in the picture, the use of white color in this country living room is not only limited to the use of white sofa. It is so great that the wall room is also painted white.

This way, even if there are some darker brown furniture pieces, the area does not lose its brightness.

Another color idea that you should not miss from the picture example above is about how you can create compatibility between two furniture pieces with contrast color. It is by decorating the furniture with something in the color of the other furniture.

From the picture, it is clear that white pillows are the decorations for the brown sofa while on the other side brown cushions are the decorations for the white couch.

2. Soft Green – Creates Cozy and Refreshing Interior

contemporary living room with beige wall and grayish brown couches with seafoam green decorative pillows

Bespoke Fireplace Designs

The next color idea to pair with green furniture in the living area is using green shade to create a cozy and refreshing look.

Especially for this one, the type of green tone that works the best to create such visual is soft green shades.

The example of how this idea is applied is available in the picture above. The fact that brown furniture pieces fill the living room shows that this type of furniture is visually heavy.

The existence of soft green color in the interior space is helpful in reducing the visual weight. It is because the color adds a particular kind of refreshing look between the warm-looking environment.

Another interesting fact you need to know too is that brown color is factually a type of color that is excellent to enhance coziness inside any interior space.

That is why there is a trick can be done so you can still add soft green color inside the living room design without significantly reducing the coziness.

The trick is by adding a small portion of soft green only enough to give a refreshing impression to the room. The example that is available in the picture above is a good one.

fun contemporary living room with ash gray wall and brown cedar sofa with olive green pillows

Ann Lowengart Interiors

Sometimes, the soft green can also be paired with other colors to build up the refreshing visual effect. The example of this is at the ready in the second picture above.

In this living room, other than olive green color from the pillows and pickle green color from the stylish ottomans, there are at least two different shades of orange added as seen in the decorative pillow, book and flowers decorations.

The plus point about using orange color in the same space is that this color does look not only refreshing but also gives inviting visual effect. This detail is helpful in making you and others feel like spending time in the living room.

More information about the use of orange color with brown furniture is accessible in subheading 4.

3. Darker Red – Makes Elegant and Inviting Visual Effect in Living Room

elegant contemporary living room with brown wood sofa with wine red pillows

Rick Hoge

Another color that goes nicely with brown furniture is a darker red. As shown in the design example above, this color idea works better when the brown furniture is also in a darker shade. Although so, it does not mean that darker red shade looks terrible on a lighter shade of brown.

When paired with brown furniture in a darker shade, darker red shades build up an inviting look. This look can make you and other people who come to visit you feel at home.

You cannot separate something like this from the fact that both of brown and red colors are warm colors. This color category is the one that naturally can create a warm look in any interior space, including living room.

On the other hand, when you pair darker shades of red with lighter brown, the visual resulted more is not warm look. It tends to create a contemporary or modern look.

Of course, both of the lighter brown and darker red colors can still create a warm atmosphere in the living room. Although so, it is not stronger than the friendly atmosphere produced by the combination of darker browns and darker reds.

There is another plus point can be obtained from the combination of brown furniture and darker red colors. It is none other but a higher level of elegance.

Especially for the design example above, the elegance resulted from the combination between wood brown from the sofa, natural brown from the coffee table and side table, wine red from the pillows, and also blood red from the vases is supported better by the choices of items chosen by the designer.

As shown in the picture, most items included in the living room have classical and unique designs that are also quite high in elegance. These designs enhance the beauty produced by the color combination to the next level.

4. Orange – Makes the Room Gains Inviting and Refreshing Look

open-style living room with wood brown sectional couch and small orange table color ideas

Flow Smart Living + Interiors

The next inspirational color idea uses orange as the attractive pairing to brown furniture. A sweet but straightforward application of this color idea exists in the picture of contemporary living room above.

As already told in the second subheading, orange is a color that can show inviting visual effect just like red. This fact is found to be reasonable because actually orange also belongs to the category of warm colors.

As a warm color, orange is an excellent choice to consider because it has that refreshing look that can surely build the same fresh atmosphere in any room it is applied in. When it comes specifically to the living room design example above, it is, as a matter of fact, excellence.

This idea is something that related to the use of gray color as a dominant color in the room. As you may already know, gray is a neutral color.

Dominating an interior space with a neutral color is OK. Although so, you need to remember that doing the decorating in a wrong way will only result in a too plain-looking interior that in worse condition can look dull.

The refreshing look radiated by orange color spices up the room quite significantly even if this color exists in a rather small portion through the small tables, decorative pillows, boxy decoration, and graphic decorations on the wall. The sure thing is the room does not look boring because there are orange touches in it.

One last thing you should know about the combination of brown and orange is that it is also a representation of autumn season. Based on this, the conclusion is that the color combination also brings a unique type of beauty look in your living room interior design.

5. Blue – Cooling the Space Down

contemporary living and playroom with large blue-themed wall painting and coffee brown couch color ideas

Jute Interior Design

If for you a well-designed living room is the one that visually looks breezy, cool, and refreshing, blue is the color category to take into consideration and to pair with the brown furniture you own. The addition of blue color as a mate for brown furniture can cool the space down visually.

The example of this idea is available in the picture above. This model is a picture of a contemporary living room that at the same time also function as a playroom.

There are at least two brown furniture pieces exist in the contemporary-style room. Those are the wooden high-back chair and the coffee brown couch.

Since the sofa accentuates the room more, its brown color also gives more impact to the cool interior space. The coffee brown itself can be said to be a soft shade of brown even at the same time it is dark too.

For the blue colors in this room, they all belong to the soft blue category. Those include the cerulean blue applied to the stripes wall design and also the powder blue color of the decorative pillows.

The fact that most brown and blue colors included in the living room design in the picture above are soft colors does not only result in a cooled-down environment. Instead, it also significantly builds up a cozy and relaxing atmosphere at the same time.

Because of this cozy and relaxing look, the idea of using the same color choices can be said to be merely suitable for rooms where similar atmospheres are needed. The best examples are bedroom and nursery room.

As for a living room, the atmospheres can make the area to be more functional. It is mainly because of the calming sensation that makes it more comfortable for you to spend time in the living room.

If you want to, you can add another function in this living room by adding a bookshelf where you can store your favorite book collections. The color idea is helpful in making you relaxed so you can read comfortably.

6. Yellow – Creates a Stylish Interior

modern library living room with chocolate brown bookshelves and fireplace with blonde yellow sofa color ideas

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc.

If stylish living room interior with brown furniture is the one that you want the most, the color idea that you need to choose more is none other but yellow.

The example of the use of this concept can be seen very clearly in the picture of modern library living room above.

The stylish look resulted from the color combination between brown and yellow in this living room design is also supported by the modern style of the furniture pieces. Besides, the neat arrangement of the book on the shelves gives an extraordinary contribution to the stylish contemporary design too.

For a more stylish look, maybe you should limit your choice of brown furniture. In this case, you can create a limit by only choosing furniture with more stylish shades of brown.

The picture above actually already has an excellent example of a stylish shade of brown. The brown tone meant here is nothing else but the chocolate brown shade of the bookshelf, which also has the same shade with the connected fireplace mantel and support.

For you to know, one of the reasons why chocolate brown shade is quite popular in interior designing is because it is one of the most stylish shades of brown. Besides, this shade also has a quite high level of elegance because of its darkness and vibrant look.

One more thing you should know from the combination of brown and yellow colors, especially chocolate brown and any soft shades of yellow, is that it does not only create contrast. Besides, it creates balance too.

While belonging to the same warm color category, brown and yellow are different when it comes to brightness. One of these colors is dark, and the other is bright.

Specifically for chocolate brown, it is a dark, warm color that is not too dark. For the soft shades of yellow in the design, which are blonde yellow from the sofa and table and flaxen yellow from the rug, they are bright, warm colors that are not too bright.

The combination of all those colors then creates a right balance in the interior space. The balance is even more visible because some neutral tones exist in the same area, such as white from the ceiling and black from the granite flooring.

7. Gray – Adding More Modern Look

small traditional living room with sectional coffee brown sofa with light gray pillows

Artistic Designs for Living

If by any chance you want to make your living room, in which you place some brown furniture, looks more modern, the idea of using gray shades in the room is a good one to try.

Gray is known for a quite long time as a shade with a quite sharp modern look and the best thing of all it is also compatible with brown.

Because of this excellence, we recommend you to use this color idea to add more modern touches in a traditional living room. The example of this can be seen in the picture above.

When talking about the picture example above, you can say that the gray color remodeling done to the traditional living room to add modern touches is so possible to do. Besides, this may not cost too much cash.

When you pay close attention to the details in the living room, there are at least three items in gray colors available in there. Those include the decorative pillows, round pouf ottomans, and area rug.

The most important thing about color remodeling is not about the massive budget. It is more about how the new color applied to the interior space can impact the room significantly and can even change the look of the room.

From the example shown in the traditional living room above, the cost is very possibly not too much. You just need to add some gray color pillows on the brown sofa, replace your regular coffee table with gray ottomans, and change your old rug with a new one that has a gray color.

Another plus point about this living room design example is that it is not only focusing on the combination of brown furniture and gray color, which belongs in the category of cool colors. As you can see, the designer also used some shade of orange here.

As told in subheading 4, orange is a warm color. Adding this color in brown and gray living room as shown in the picture above is right in increasing warm atmosphere in the interior.

This idea is also good because the room is quite limited in space. With the orange color, the interior becomes more inviting. Inviting atmosphere is always needed in living room area, right?

So, pairing the brown furniture you have in your living room with a specific choice of color can change the look of the furniture. More importantly, this can significantly give impact to the whole area too.

From all seven most attractive living room color ideas for brown furniture listed above, which one is more suitable for your interior space as well as personal taste?

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