11 most stunning grey and yellow living room

11 Most Stunning Grey and Yellow Living Room Ideas to Try This Summer

Interiors / March 9, 2018

Grey and yellow living room ideas are great ones to check out since summer is on its way.

Give your living area update by combining the neutral chic and ultra-modern grey tone with cheerful, sunny, and refreshing yellow color to feel the happy summer spirit in your interior.

There are at least 11 most stunning grey and yellow living room ideas you can give a try to build up summer atmosphere right inside your home. Those ideas are:

Each of the ideas above can create a specific look in your living room. Check out the complete information about them all further in this post.

1. Grey and Yellow Living Room with Mustard Chairs

grey and yellow living room with mustard chairs and pillows

Bankston May Associates

The first idea to try is the combo between grey and mustard yellow in living room area. This combination is the one you can see in the picture above.

This contemporary living room has grey color as the most dominant tone. It also has mustard yellow as the secondary tone as shown in the upholstered chairs, pillows, and wall painting.

In a grey-dominated room like this, mustard yellow color can liven up the summer mood without being too much or too bright. It can even still manage the calm atmosphere in the room properly.

With this shade of yellow, you do not need too many decorations since the room becomes livelier with the secondary color addition only.

If you want to add some adornments, you can keep it simple such as by placing decorative mustard pillows on the couch or chairs in the room or by hanging a wall painting with a touch of mustard shade in it as exemplified in the picture.

Mustard yellow tone like this is not too bright. Combining this tone with a less-bright shade of grey is excellent. In the picture above, the grey tones meant earlier come from the couch, the armchair, the window shade, and the patterned area rug.

The wall is actually in a grey shade too, but it has a somewhat bright tone. However, as you can see in the pic, it still looks good when paired with the mustard yellow tone. Probably, the reason is that grey itself is a neutral shade.

2. Modern Grey and Yellow Living Room with Yellow Floral-Patterned Chairs

grey and yellow living room with yellow floral-patterned armless chair

Leighton Design Group

Do you think your living room looks too dull? Try to place some yellow floral-patterned chairs in it!

With the fresh and cheerful characteristics, yellow color can erase the dull look in the room. It is an excellent choice for a place that is too plain because of grey domination while at the same time brings summer inside the gathering area.

Floral patterns also bring freshness to your home interior. Besides, if you want to decorate the room earlier for summer, the floral designs are excellent to select since they are also suitable for the spring season.

When combined with the right chair design, a floral pattern can add a charming touch to your space too. As an example, you can take a look at the picture below.

grey and yellow living room with yellow abstract floral-patterned chairs

Clark and Clark Interiors

The chairs in the transitional living room above have an abstract grey and yellow floral pattern. They also have an elegant traditional design with a white frame that has silvery accents. All these naturally look charming, right?

From this second example, another idea pops. It is the idea to use curtains with the same or similar pattern with the pattern of the floral chairs as reflected in the beautiful wall mirror. Besides the fact that this idea brings more yellow color in the grey-dominated room it also builds up better design consistency.

3. Grey and Yellow Living Room with Fresh Yellow Flowers

grey and yellow living room with fresh yellow tulips in light grey vase


Another stunning way to decorate a living room with grey and yellow theme for the sunny season is by adding fresh yellow flowers in there.

This idea is suitable to pick when space has more grey items. This way, the natural yellow color of the flowers can be the center of attention in the room.

If being asked about what kind of yellow flowers to pick, there are so many choices of flowers with stunning yellow color such as calla lilies, chrysanthemums, dahlia, peonies, roses, sunflowers, tulips, and many others.

You can use fresh yellow flowers as decorations in so many ways. You can place them in clear glass vase or a solid light grey vase. You can also set yellow pillows in the same room as compatible pairs for the flowers.

grey and yellow living room with yellow chrysanthemums in clear glass vase

Jennifer Brouwer (Jennifer Brouwer Design Inc)

If you want to, you can also place the flowers side by side with a yellow decorative vase as shown in this picture above.

Besides the fact that the flowers can pop a stunning yellow color in your grey interior, it can bring freshness too inside the room.

If by any chance you already have a grey living room, adding the flowers is also an excellent choice to make the place temporarily suitable for the summer theme.

4. Modern Grey and Yellow Living Room with Patterned Rug

If you want your summer grey and yellow living room to get a modern look, one of the best ways to try is adding modern patterns in it. What we are about to suggest you here is adding a patterned-rug in the room.

Indeed, the best type of patterned rug to add in the living area is the one with grey and yellow theme. This rug type is the best to match the new color scheme you are about to build. Thankfully, this type of rug is not hard to get right now.

Take a look at the rug in the following modern living room picture as the first example.

modern living room with grey and yellow oval-patterned rug

Intexure Architects

This rug mainly has solid grey color with pale yellow oval patterns. Adding this rug in the room isn't hard to do since it has a color similar to the color of round knitted ottomans and even the color of the armless couch.

The next example is available in this next picture of a transitional living room.

living room with chevron-patterned grey and yellow rug

The Cousins

This grey-yellow rug has chevron pattern. It is not only a modern pattern but is also a pattern that is quite popular in recent years.

Another example is available in the picture below.

living room with zigzag grey and yellow rug

Born & Bred Studio

Here the rug doesn't only add a yellow touch to space. It also covers a significant area of the wood flooring, which also means it strengthens the grey color in the room.

If you need more examples of fabulous grey and yellow rugs for the themed living room, here are some for you to check out.

modern grey and yellow area rug with swirl-like pattern

CHIC RUGZ, detail here

modern grey and yellow area rug with round pattern

CHIC RUGZ, detail here

round grey and yellow area rug with contemporary pattern

RugMethod, detail here

contemporary grey and yellow area rug with floral pattern

RugPal, detail here

contemporary grey and yellow area rug with fruits pattern

RugPal, detail here

5. Contemporary Grey and Yellow Living Room with Yellow Ceiling

The idea of painting the ceiling with a shade of yellow is an excellent one to consider if you already have or you want to build a contemporary style living room.

This idea is worthy to think too when you want to add more yellow in the room, but there is no other space left but the ceiling.

When your living room has more grey tones, especially the dark ones, adding a yellow hue to the ceiling is not surprisingly a good idea. This idea will make the room brighter, not to forget that it also boosts the summer feeling in the area.

As an example, you can take a look at the following picture, in which the ceiling of a contemporary living room has butter yellow tone.

contemporary grey and yellow living room with butter yellow ceiling

Drapery Street

As you can see from the picture above, the room is filled with some different dark shades of grey since the color exists on the custom couch, leather chair, walls, and some part of the ceiling.

The existence of yellow color on the ceiling seems to erase the dull atmosphere in there.

The designer also adds other shades of yellow in the room to make the place looks more vibrant than if it only has yellow tone for the ceiling.

Those include honey yellow from the drapes, pale yellow from the patterned pillows, and Dijon yellow from the fluffy rug.

6. Grey and Yellow Living Room with Fluffy Grey Rug

If you are interested in keeping the living room cozy while at the same time you also get it ready for summer, the inspiration shown in the picture below is a good one to check out.

grey and yellow living room with soft cloud grey fluffy rug

Tara Benet Design

The room above looks very simple and cozy. It does not have a lot of yellow decorations since there are honey-yellow and white stripes pillow and a modern yellow vase included in the grey living room.

For a simple design, these items are enough to bring summer feeling in the interior.

The item that is quite prominent in this design is the fluffy soft cloud grey rug under the furniture pieces. Only by looking at the carpet from the picture we know how comfortable it is stepping on it.

The soft color of the rug, which is quite similar to the color of the wall, gives contribution in enhancing the coziness inside the living area.

A color like this is perfect to pair with darker grey tones such as the fossil grey tone of the sectional couch or the lighter grey color of the round ottoman that is darker than the rug's tone.

Away from the use of fluffy grey rug to boost the room coziness, there is an inspiration available also from the same living room above. It is the inspiration to include silvery metal material in the room design, as shown by the glass chandelier, bent modern floor lamp, and round glass coffee table.

Silvery color is always compatible with any grey shades. It is reasonable then if the shiny details look fit nicely in the room design above.

7. Retro Grey and Yellow Living Room

Retro interior style never loses its sparks even today. Therefore the next idea you should give a try in building a stylish summer living room with a grey and yellow color theme is by applying this retro style in the interior.

Retro style is also an excellent one to pair yellow color with grey. FYI, bright colors like yellow are always lovely for retro interior design. As an example, please take a look at the living room design below.

retro grey and yellow living room

SPACES [email protected]

Placing the two honey yellow couches in this living room is an excellent idea since the color matches the retro style fabulously. Moreover, both of the sofas also have old school design that is always perfect for retro interior like this.

Another inspiration is available in the next example below.

retro grey and yellow living room with yellow accent wall


If previously the yellow tone appears on the retro couches in this example it exists on the wall. This design is a great yet simple alternative to get a retro living room ready for summer season.

It gets even simples because you should not always paint all walls in your living room with yellow tone since painting only a wall side can also be great. If you choose the right side, you can even create an accent wall to arrest more attention.

8. Eclectic Grey and Yellow Living Room with Yellow Floral Wall

A floral pattern is also suitable to apply on the wall of your grey and yellow living area for building summer atmosphere. For an even unique result, choose a yellow floral pattern for the wall as exemplified in the picture below.

eclectic grey and yellow living room with corn yellow floral wall

Renewal Design-Build

When you combine the yellow floral pattern with mid-century style furniture as shown in the picture above, you can build a unique, eclectic atmosphere in the living room.

The uniqueness gets even better when you choose an odd tone of yellow such as corn-yellow for the wall.

In building an eclectic style in your interior like this, you should not forget adding some neutral tones. In the picture example above, some neutral tones like pure white and warm white become the compatible mates of the grey and yellow tones in the living room.

9. Grey and Yellow Living Room with Yellow Wall

If you are interested in having only the yellow wall without the floral pattern, it is OK. Yellow tone alone is enough to bring the sunny summer feeling inside your home.

There are so many tones of yellow you can choose and, of course, a different color can result in a different look. For example, please look at the picture of contemporary living room below.

contemporary grey and yellow living room with yellow dandelion wall

Accent On Design Inc

This room has a lighter dandelion yellow wall.

This kind of wall color is a suitable option to pair with warmer neutral tones like taupe, cream white, beige, or some others. It is reasonable then if the wall looks matching with the cream white abstract area rug and the taupe wall and ceiling details.

With such color scheme, the room even looks not only warm but also relaxing.

Another example is available in the transitional living room design below. Instead of coloring all walls with yellow tone, the designer chooses to paint only one side of the walls with yellow. To be more specific, it is a tone that is very similar to Tuscan sun yellow.

transitional living room with Tuscan sun yellow accent wall

Vineyard Developments

Choosing to color only one wall side of your grey and yellow living area with yellow paint gives you a good chance to create an accent wall, which is none other but the wall designed for more people to see.

This design is also something we can find in the open grey and yellow living room above.

Of course, when you create this kind of accent wall in the grey and yellow living area, it is so much better to consider adding other yellow details in the room to match the wall color.

For example, other than the accent wall, there are two items more, including a throw blanket and two round ottomans in highly similar yellow tone added in the design.

If you want a more vibrant look, you can use this following grey and yellow living area as the example.

contemporary living room with butter yellow accent wall

Bluevine Studio LLC

The very light grey wall in this room is the mate of the vibrant butter yellow accent wall. The design is fantastic also because of the existence of a chair in the same color with the accent wall paint.

10. Grey and Yellow Living Room with Yellow Custom Furniture

Adding custom furniture in your yellow and grey living room is another good idea to try.

Custom furniture is not only about ease in adding an item with a color that matches the theme you are about to build. It is also about uniqueness and how the furniture piece can fit in the room perfectly.

grey and yellow living room with custom canary yellow cabinets

Michele Bitter Designs

The addition of canary yellow cabinets in this transitional living room, for example, creates a different look. First, please imagine the place without the yellow cabinets.

Without the cabinets, the room already looks nice. It has a slightly sharp cozy atmosphere because of the combination of the lighter grey color of the wall, the grey armchair, and some other neutral tones included in it.

With the cabinets, the room still has its cozy atmosphere, but at the same time, it also gains a cheerful look, which is just amazing.

11. Greige and Yellow Living Room

When you try to decorate your living room with grey and yellow tones, you have to know that the limit of your options is only between any shades of yellow and primary grey hues or true greys. Greige is another fabulous choice you should never forget.

The best thing about using greige in your living room is that it can boost the coziness in the place to the next level. You should never forget that this warm tone is also highly compatible with yellow, especially the ones with a soft or pale look.

Just check out the first example of greige and yellow living room below.

transitional greige and yellow living room

Obbard Design & Development

See, this room is full of greige hue, especially the one that comes from the sectional sofa. Besides the greige tones, this living area also has some other neutral tones that go well with greige. Together they form a very cozy atmosphere in there.

And for the yellow tone for the summer look, you can see how easy it is pairing the greige sofa with two bright yellow-white pillows and a pale yellow throw blanket. These sunny details only are enough to bring summer into the living room.

Here is another similar example you also need to check out.

small greige and yellow living room

deluxe design studio

See, it is not that hard to pair grey and yellow tones in your living room since both get along with each other very smoothly. Besides, you basically can match any shade of grey with any shade of yellow too, so it will make everything simpler.

As for the yellow color, any yellow shade is suitable for building summer theme in your living room interior. But, you need to remember that different grey-yellow combination may result in a different look as explained earlier in this post, so you better choose the combo carefully to get the best summer living room look.

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