21+ most fabulous grey and white bedroom

21+ Most Fabulous Grey and White Bedroom Ideas to Get Inspired by

Bedroom / March 4, 2018

Decorating a grey and white bedroom is a simple thing to do, mainly because both of those colors are neutral.

It means it will never be hard for you to pair both tones to one another or with other bedroom elements, including some different colors.

The question then is: do you know about the right combinations to choose to make your bedroom looks fabulous with grey and white color theme?

If you are clueless about all those, in this post, you will be able to find 21+ most fabulous grey and white bedroom ideas, which, of course, include the right design combinations you should consider more when designing your room. They include:

Complete explanations about each point, as well as the examples, are available in the following. Check them out!

1. Grey Bed and White Wall

The first idea you can consider is using a specific combination between a grey bed and white wall.

To make it easier, you can check out the picture below. From this example, there are several things we can highlight.

a bedroom with grey bed and white wall

Jamie Pedersen

The first thing is about the use of white wall instead of the grey wall in the bedroom.

This design comes with a reason. White wall offers light and airy atmosphere more than grey wall does, and this applies to mostly white shades of white exists.

It is true that there are also light grey shades available and they can offer light and airy atmosphere too. Although so, the white tone is still the winner here.

In the picture above the light and airy look resulted from the use of white wall is even better because of the existence of large white glass windows that allow natural light to enter the room without difficulty.

This detail is a good thing since the more natural light you have in a bedroom, the airier the atmosphere will be.

Besides the windows, the designer also chooses white window trims instead of other to connect the windows and wall directly.

Admittedly, this white trim is also another complement added to support the white and grey bedroom color scheme.

Still related to the white windows and trims, there are also white sheer curtains available as functional decorations for the windows.

These curtains do not only provide compatibility to the white primary color of the room theme but are also useful in letting natural light in, while at the same time still gives privacy.

Another harmonious detail comes from the console table placed right next to the windows. It has a white color that is suitable to the light and airy look built up by the white wall.

Another thing to highlight in the picture example above is the grey bed and all stuff placed on it.

The reason why the designer chooses the grey bed as the mate for the wall instead of other furniture here is that a bed is always the central furniture in every bedroom.

Besides, a bed is also big enough that it can contribute enough portion of grey tone to the room.

As you can see in the picture, the bed seems to be the only furniture that is in grey. Although so, the size of it makes the grey tone to be quite visible in the room, so the grey and white color theme still looks pleasant here.

To create a compatibility value, so the grey bed doesn’t look like it isn't the part of the room while white is a dominant color in there, the designer chooses to cover the bed with white bedding. This way it looks like the bed also belongs to the room and doesn’t stand alone.

From the picture example, you can also find another solution to add more grey color in a bedroom without adding other grey furniture pieces. It is by adding some grey pillows or a grey blanket on the bed as functional decorations.

To inspire you more, here is another example of a bedroom with white wall and grey bed. In this case, there are at least two primary differences exist.

a bedroom with grey bed, white wall, and silver-colored furniture

Susan Glick Interiors

The first difference is that even the white wall offers an airy and more spacious appearance the room doesn’t look as airy as the room in the first example.

The reason is maybe that the ceiling of this room seems lower or perhaps because of the closed window curtains when the designer took the pic causing a block of the natural light from outside.

The second difference is that the bedroom has more grey color from the patterned carpet flooring and the leather bedroom bench.

Despite the two differences, the bedroom still shows you an excellent example of how you can pair a grey bed and white wall fabulously in a bedroom with white and grey dominant tones.

2. Grey Wall and White Bed

The next idea is something on the contrary to the first one explained previously. It is none other but the idea of pairing a white bed and grey wall.

If white wall offers an airier look, the grey wall provides a more modern look as you can see in the following example.

bedroom with grey wall and white bed

yaxy sysol

Besides the fact that there are entirely a lot of modern decorations, including the sequin pillow, square frames, patterned chair pillow, and chandelier, it is undeniable that the dominant grey color, in this room is significant in building the modern atmosphere in there.

Of course, the grey wall color is also the most dominating source of modern feel here too.

As for the white bed, color is not the one that supports the bedroom’s modern look. It is the design instead.

This white bed has a tall upholstered headboard with a curvy and tufted design. This kind of style exists a lot in the modern interior style.

One last detail you should pay more attention to in this white and grey bedroom design is the use of black as an accent color. FYI, black is another ultimate modern color to use in interior design.

When combined with grey and white colors, as shown in the picture above, black accent color doesn’t only create a modern look but a fabulous monochromatic look.

Another great inspiration you can get from this design example is that it is okay adding another color to your white and grey bedroom but the color must not be dominant or else you will ruin the principal color theme.

More explanation about accent colors is available in grey and white bedroom combined with accentuating color.

Other than the picture example of a bedroom with grey wall and white bed above, here is another example you can take a look if by any chance you prefer choosing a lighter grey tone for your bedroom wall.

bedroom with grey wall and warm white bed

AM Dolce Vita

From this second example, you can also see that the choice of color for the bed is not pure white or something close to that. If you want to know, the bed tone looks quite similar to cream white or eggshell white.

Do you know what it means? It means the bed contributes a bit of warm touch to the bedroom area.

With the yellowish appearance of the bed, some room decorations with yellowish tone inside them can be added to the room quite naturally too. Those include the patterned rug under the bed and the golden frame of the wall mirror.

3. Grey and White Bedroom with Carpet Floor

It is non-debatable that carpet flooring is best for a bedroom, primarily because it offers quietness, warm feeling, and extra coziness. Indeed, this is also the type of flooring you can choose for your white and grey bedroom.

If you want to choose carpet as the flooring for the bedroom, it is free for you to select any carpet. Although so, you cannot determine the carpet color freely since it is crucial to consider the chosen bedroom tones.

There are three best carpet colors you can choose for a bedroom with white and grey dominant hues. Those colors are grey, white, and beige.

Of course, each of those colors has its own excellent when used in the bedroom. Here is the brief explanation for you.

For the first explanation, let’s start with grey carpet color as visible in the following picture example.

a bedroom with grey wall, white furniture, and grey carpet floor

Chris Snook

Grey carpet is an excellent choice to choose when your wall is also grey. It would be even better if both of the carpet and wall has the same tone or at least the very similar ones.

The same grey tone creates a higher level of compatibility between the wall and the floor. It will make the wall, and the floor looks like a unity instead of two elements that stand separately. It is an excellent design to make the colors in the room flow smoothly.

If you are interested more in using a grey carpet flooring with a different color than your grey wall, it is OK.

Although so, it seems better if you still pay attention to the color flow in the room. You can do this by choosing a grey color carpet with color that is highly similar to one grey item you place in the room, no matter whether it is a furniture piece or a decoration.

The next best carpet color to pick is white. The way to choose the right white color for the white and grey bedroom is primarily the same as the way to select grey carpet explained previously.

Although so, you need to remember also that the excellence of white is that it is the ultimate neutral color that goes well with literary any colors.

You can use this superiority to choose your favorite white carpet flooring for the room.

If you want to build a cozier bedroom atmosphere, choosing a warm white carpet flooring is a recommendation you should do. An example of this idea is available in the picture below.

a grey and white bedroom with cream white carpet floor

50 Degrees North Architects

In this grey and white transitional bedroom design, the designer uses cream white carpet flooring. At a glance, it is strongly visible that the carpet floor enhances the coziness of the room significantly.

The best thing of all, cream white belongs to the category of warm color. It is very reasonable then if the color of the carpet goes along really well with the creamy white color of the bed and the greige color of the custom mirrored wardrobe.

As you may already know, both of these colors are warm colors too.

The last best carpet color you should choose is beige. We recommend this shade not only because it has the neutral characteristic. It is also the one that principally has high compatibility with white and even with grey.

Check out the following picture of a transitional bedroom design as the example.

grey and white bedroom with beige carpet floor

Lindsey Binz Home Company

From this example, it is understandable enough that the beige carpet color makes the room looks warmer and cozier. It means this color of carpet can make a white and grey bedroom a more comfortable place for taking a rest.

4. Grey and White Bedroom with Hardwood Floor

Hardwood flooring is another floor type you can select as a mate in a white and grey bedroom theme.

Nevertheless, because of the commonly very contrast color of this flooring type, there are several ideas you need to pay more attention to before choosing hardwood as the flooring of your white and grey bedroom.

Consider White Hardwood as Your First Option

If you want to give color perfection in the white and grey bedroom design, the choice of hardwood flooring to take into consideration is none other but white hardwood.

At this point of time, there are several types of white wood floor available. The real white wood floor exists, but it is quite rare for people to use it as flooring material since the cost is possibly quite high.

Nowadays people tend to choose something more affordable and more accessible. The choice available is between whitewashed hardwood flooring and white-painted hardwood flooring.

No matter which the choice is this type of flooring matches merely the grey and white theme for the bedroom we discuss since the very beginning of this post. For instance, you can check out the following pic.

grey and white bedroom with white hardwood floor

The French Bedroom Company

It seems the type of white wood floor used in this example is painted hardwood floor. It has a color that is similar to chiffon white, and it has a hint of warm tone in it.

Yes, this type of white color is not the only color available for white wood flooring. When the option is whitewashed or painted hardwood, more white shades are available to pick.

No matter which shade of white chosen for the wood floor the sure thing is that using this type of hardwood flooring in your grey and white room brings some benefits. The white woodwork can highlight all furniture you place on it.

The next benefit is that white wood floor usually also has a rustic look. Lastly, the white color of the floor can make the bedroom looks brighter than it was. It makes the flooring type an excellent choice for a bedroom that lacks in natural light.

Glossy Dark Hardwood Can Bring Luxurious Modern Look

Glossy dark hardwood flooring is another option to consider. If you are interested in choosing this one, you need to know that this wood flooring type can bring a luxurious modern look in your white and grey room.

Even that sounds good, at the same time you need to realize that the flooring type has a dark tone.

Therefore you should be more careful in adding other bedroom elements that also has darker hues in the place to avoid the room from looking too dark or even gloomy.

a grey and white bedroom with glossy dark hardwood floor

BlueSpeed AV

The best solution to pick is making white to be the more dominant color than grey and the natural dark brown color of the flooring.

An example about how this solution is applied exists in the picture of contemporary bedroom design above.

In this picture, white is the most dominant tone instead of grey. The bedroom also has lots of large glass windows that allow extra natural light to enter the room.

Because all of these, the place doesn’t look dark even it has hardwood flooring with a dark tone.

Medium Tone Hardwood Builds up Cottage Style in Your Bedroom

The next idea is about the use of medium tone hardwood flooring, which is, in fact, another excellent choice to select.

If you choose this flooring type, you need to know it will build up a cottage style in your white and grey bedchamber.

Take a look at this following picture as an example.

a grey and white bedroom with light hardwood floor

Chris Snook

5. Grey and White Bedroom with Darker Brown Wooden Bed

This next idea is also a bed-related idea. The idea is to pair the grey and white color scheme with a darker brown wooden bed.

There are still a lot of people who think that adding this wooden type of bed in a white and grey bedroom is not a good idea.

Many of them believe that the furniture is just too big it can ruin the primary color scheme. Is it true?

Well, it is true that bed is such big furniture. However, it is not true that adding a wooden bed in dark brown color is a bad idea when the room obviously has white and grey as the primary tones.

In other words, you can choose this type of bed for the bedroom if you want to. Moreover, this bed type is beneficial in enhancing the warm atmosphere in the room, mainly when the room has cool grey tones.

One thing that you need to know is that it is better to pick this bed type when the flooring of the bedroom is also wood in the same or similar hue. Obviously, compatibility is the one to consider here.

If you need some examples, you can check out the following images of two white and grey bedrooms with dark brown wooden beds.

grey and white bedroom with coffee brown wooden bed

General Assembly

grey and white bedroom with wood brown wooden bed

Esther Hershcovich

The two bedrooms above are similar not only in the way they use the same type of bed and the same type of hardwood flooring. These bedrooms are similar also in the way their size is not too spacious.

This fact is possibly another reason why the natural brown color does not seem to be dominating the space in each room above.

If you are worrying than the brown color of the wooden bed as well as the flooring will dominate the room and ruin the white and grey scheme you try to build, there are two tips you can do.

The first tip is making sure that the chamber gets enough light so the primary colors will glow better without being blocked.

The second tip is making sure that other furniture pieces in the room are in white or grey color. This idea is an efficient way of making the two colors appears more prominent.

6. Grey and White Bedroom with Mirrored Furniture

grey and white bedroom with dark mirrored side tables

Lindsey Binz Home Company

Next, you can think about adding mirrored furniture in your white and grey bedroom. If you are not familiar with this, it is a type of furniture with surface and sides covered with a mirror or mirror-like material.

The only reason why this furniture type is suitable for the room is that mirrored furniture always has a grayish tone inside of it. It is reasonable then if adding this furniture type will never create any problem when the bedroom already has grey as one of the primary colors.

a grey and white bedroom with white mirrored bedside tables

BAM Design Lab

Mirrored furniture for a bedroom is available in different types. Those types include bedside tables, dressing tables, console tables, dressers, drawers, and many others. From all those, it seems the most popular ones are bedside tables.

If by any chance your white and grey bedroom is not spacious, mirrored furniture offers you an excellent benefit. Its reflective characteristics can make the room looks more spacious than it is.

7. Grey and White Bedroom Combined with Accentuating Color

While using grey and white as the dominant color in your bedroom you can, at the same time, add another color to the room as an accent.

The best thing about this is that by only adding a small portion of accentuating tone you can create an entirely different look in the room.

Besides, you can also add the hue temporarily, which means you, can only switch the bedroom look whenever you want it.

Check out the following list of accentuating colors recommended for your grey and white bedroom.


The very first recommended accent color for a bedroom with grey and white dominant color is black.

When added to the bedroom, this color is not merely an accent. It is something that can create the ultimate classic monochromatic look, which will undoubtedly make your bedroom, appears timeless in a fabulous way.

grey and white bedroom with black accents

Lume Photography

The example of the use of this accent color is available in the picture above. Here, the designer uses a black accent, as seen in the bed and the round table, as a color combo in a bedroom with grey and white domination.

The addition of the black accent here does not only create a monochromatic look. Instead, it also adds boldness in a room that looks neat and clean because white and grey dominate the space.

The most important thing of all black is a highly compatible color to pair with both white and grey tones.


Next, we have blue accent color. This color creates a different look when added to a bedroom with white and grey dominant colors. It is none other but a cool look.

Check out the picture of a contemporary bedroom below for example.

grey and white bedroom with blue accents

FrontDoor Communities

In the bedroom, the blue accent color is none other but a darker version of teal blue. You can see this color in the blue blanket and the small blue pillows placed on the bed.

When adding this kind of blue color, you do not need to worry about its compatibility with the two primary tones of the room.

Grey and white are both neutral colors, which means it can be quite easy to insert a blue touch in the place but remember that the additional color shouldn’t have more portions than the white and grey tones.

You can even add more vibrant blue colors like arctic, cobalt, and pop blue in the bedroom if you want to. However, of course, the new look resulted will be a bit different. Commonly, the appearance will be more whimsy.


Another accent color that is great to pair with white and grey in a bedchamber is green. This color is the one that adds fresh and natural touch to the neutral, clean atmosphere in the room.

scott davis photo

Take a look at this picture as the example. An olive green pot with an indoor plant growing in it and olive green and white modern-patterned pillow are the source of green accent color in this traditional bedroom.

Although the portion of green color here is smaller than the proportion of the two dominant colors in the room, it is enough to add freshness to the peaceful-looking room.


For you who have a grey and white room and you want it to have a girly or feminine touch, we recommend you to add pink accent color as shown in the picture below.

grey and white bedroom with fuschia pink accent

Jodie Rosen Design

As you can see, there is a fuschia pink throw blanket placed on a porpoise grey bedroom bench. While being quite simple, this color addition also creates a stunning look.

The bench has a rather dark grey color, and it goes well with the shocking pink tone. Besides, the combo also adds a quite playful look to the bedroom, which seems to belong to a grownup woman.


If you want to add a feminine touch but you do not want it to look too girly, you can choose purple color instead. This idea will work better if the one you pick is a softer purple tone as shown in the picture below.

grey and white bedroom with purple and black accents


The addition of the soft purple tone in this room also creates a relaxing atmosphere. This color also softens the rather dark grey wall color as well as the black accent color from the furniture pieces in the room.


The last but not least accent color you can add to a grey and white-dominated bedroom is yellow.

Yes, this color looks so contrast to both of the colors, especially the grey one. Although so, it seems contrast in a right way that it gives a spark of warm sunny look in the room.

grey and white bedroom with corn yellow accents

KCS, Inc.

Check out the picture above for the first example.

This bedroom looks warm enough with the choice of greige wall, greige bed, and even an unfinished hardwood flooring that has a bit of greige tone in it.

However, adding few warm accents like the soft-looking corn yellow accent of the white blanket and pillows will make everything better.

grey and white bedroom with butter yellow blanket and pillows

Madison Modern Home

Another example is available in the picture of a contemporary bedroom above. In this room, the designer places a butter yellow blanket and pillows on a cream white bed with smoke grey bedding.

From this picture, we find out that yellow can also be an excellent complement to warm white tone.

Together, yellow and white enhance the warm atmosphere in the grey and white room, mainly because the grey domination makes the place looks quite cold.

grey and white bedroom with accentuating lemon yellow chair

Noha Hassan Designs

The last but not least impressive example you need to check out is available in this picture. Here, the bright lemon yellow chair is the accent of the white and grey bedroom, and it creates such a fun and playful look.

So, what do you think about the 21+ most fabulous ideas to make a grey and white themed bedroom looks the best?

Which one is the best according to your taste? Now that you already know about how to make a grey-white bedroom seems fabulous, it is sure that you will not get confused again in the future when designing a similar type of bedroom.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that each idea from the list above has its excellence.

By choosing plans with benefits that meet your taste the most, you will be able to build a dream bedroom with grey and white as the primary colors.

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