7 most unusually excellent blue paint colors for bedroom

7 Most Unusually Excellent Blue Paint Colors for Bedroom You Should Consider More

Bedroom / October 13, 2017

Choosing blue paint colors for bedroom area is not a hard thing to do right now.

The reason is that there are so many choices of blue paint colors offered by a lot of brands, including the most popular ones like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin and Williams, and also Farrow & Ball.

In the following, you will be able to find seven most unusually excellent blue paint colors to consider more in coloring your bedroom area.

The choices are not only limited in light and soft blue colors but also in dark color choices.

1. Benjamin Moore Tranquility AF-490

Benjamin Moore Tranquility AF-490

The first excellent bedroom blue paint choice is Benjamin Moore Tranquility AF-490.

When you see this paint color, you may get confused about whether the color is blue or it is gray.

Well, it mostly looks gray. However, it is a blue paint color that has a quite strong gray undertone.

If being asked to describe how this wall paint looks like, it can be said to be the one that is not too bright and not too dark at the same time.

Although so, it is not the one you can use to visually add brightness to your room.

This blue paint color also comes with a calming look that makes it a good choice for the bedroom area.

This excellence can be seen in the picture of contemporary bedroom below.

contemporary bedroom with Benjamin Moore Tranquility AF-490 grayish blue wall paint color

James Crist Builders, Inc.

Generally, because of the gray undertone, Tranquility AF-490 has a rather neutral look instead of cool or warm.

Therefore, if you want to add warmth to your room, you can consider decorating the room with warm color as shown in the picture above.

Here, the warm touch of linen white can be found here and there. Those include the lampshades, pillows, throw blanket, upholstered bench, leather armless chair, and dominantly from the carpet flooring.

The fact that the walls of the room are colored with the grayish blue paint and also the fact that there aren’t any bright color touches in the room makes the existence of enough glass windows something thoughtful you can get inspired from. This way the room will not look gloomy.

Other than that, the gloomy look can also be avoided by pairing the wall color with white interior trims.

Overall, all major colors used in the room’s color scheme look compatible with the grayish blue wall paint.

If you want to do some experiment, you can pair this wall color with other colors of your choice, but it seems too bright colors, except white, are not suitable pairs.

2. Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper 1632

Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper 1632

Next, there is Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper 1632. If you are interested in this wall color, you can find in the Classic Color Collection of BM.

This paint color choice is a matter of fact quite the same with Benjamin Moore Tranquility AF-490 in the way it is not too dark and not too bright.

Because of this adequate light, both from lighting system and natural light, are needed to avoid the room from looking dusky.

Besides you can also pair the paint color with white color as done in the previous paint color.

Although so, it looks like this one is more suitable to pair with white shades that are not too bright, so the contrast is still comfortable to look.

traditional bedroom with Benjamin Moore Glass slipper 1632 grayish blue wall paint color

Darci Goodman Design

The example can be seen in the picture above. In the traditional bedroom design, Glass Slipper 1632 blue wall paint is paired with interior trims in chiffon white color.

This shade of white can add a little brightness in the interior space without being too contrast to the soft grayish blue wall paint.

From the same example also you can see that the wall paint is also good to be paired with different choices of gray shades.

An example of this can be seen especially in the bed located in the room where more than just one gray shade can be found.

Being paired with gray shades as shown in the picture earlier, the wall paint finally builds up a cool atmosphere in the bedroom.

Although so, you do not need to worry that it will be uncomfortable for you to sleep in there because of this.

The solution that is offered in the picture is by adding a bluish blanket on the bed. Doing so can add a soft touch to the overall bedroom design, which also means that extra comfort can be obtained for better quality sleep.

3. Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue HC-147

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue HC-147

When you can use Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue HC-147, why should you use general baby blue wall paint?

It is so true that when talking about light and soft blue color for the bedroom wall, there are still so many people say that baby blue is the right one to choose.

Well, it is not that baby blue, which can be described as a choice of pastel blue color, is a bad color.

It is only that there are much other light and soft blue colors available right now that can be chosen to color bedroom walls. One of the examples is this Woodlawn Blue paint color.

This light blue color has a dreamy look that is simply perfect for the bedroom area.

Of course, it is also clear that the soft look resulted from color your bedroom wall with this tone can build up a calming atmosphere in the bedchamber.

If you are interested in choosing this bedroom wall paint color, there are several things you need to keep in mind. The first one is about light.

This wall paint can be said to have a slight of a gray undertone.

Because of this, it is important to let more natural light in so that the gray undertone can be tamed and the wall paint will show light, soft, and dreamy blue color more.

Besides, pairing this wall paint color with a white color that is connected directly to it is another way to accentuate the dreamy look it can build up.

In this case, the choices to consider are interior trims, including door and window trims, floor, and also the ceiling.

All of those can be seen in the picture of traditional master bedroom below.

traditional master bedroom with Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue HC-147 light and soft blue wall paint color

Arch Studio, Inc.

Besides all the things above that are recommended to do in order to make your bedroom looks dreamy and become a highly comfortable place to sleep in, in the picture above there is still a small detail you can get inspired from, not only to build up the dreamy look but also to create a better quality sleep. It is none other but by adding high quality bedding and blanket.

The example in the picture is the white fluffy blanket that looks very comfortable to use.

4. Benjamin Moore Mysterious AF-565

Benjamin Moore Mysterious AF-565

If you think that dark blue wall paint color is not suitable for bedroom area you are wrong.

The reason is that the next is unusually excellent blue bedroom paint color is Benjamin Moore Mysterious AF-565, which is none other but a dark blue wall paint choice from BM.

This paint color is suitable to be included in the category of navy blue paint.

Although so, you need to know that because of some factors this paint color can sometimes look like another color, especially soft black and slate gray. The major factor that often causes such thing to occur is none other but light.

This wall color is a very suitable choice to pick for a contemporary bedroom. It looks elegant as well as sleek.

If you want to use this to color your bedroom walls, pairing this with neutral tones is the best thing to do.

This is not only about the easiest thing you can do in self-designing your bedroom. It is also about compatibility between the wall color and any other colors you add in the same interior space.

modern bedroom with Benjamin Moore Mysterious AF-565 navy blue wall paint color

Guggenheim Architecture + Design Studio

The example of how the wall paint is used in bedroom area can be seen in the picture above.

As you can see, white seems to be the best neutral color to be paired with this paint colors. This also makes the wall color to look more prominent.

If you need some tips, you can try pairing Mysterious wall paint color with not only white as the choice of compatible.

If you want to, you can also choose other neutral color with warmer tone such as beige or another brownie warmer white like linen, bone, and lace.

By adding compatible yet warmer tone in the bedroom with Mysterious wall paint, you will not only reduce the dark and rather intense look in the space.

Instead, you will add some warmth too, and it will make the space more comfortable for resting.

5. Sherwin-Williams Raindrop SW 6485

Sherwin-Williams Raindrop SW 6485

If you feel doubt about choosing dark wall paint like Benjamin Moore Mysterious, this Sherwin-Williams Raindrop SW 6485 can be the next choice to be taken into consideration.

This is the wall color that will build up a cool atmosphere and look in your sleeping area.

At a glance, this wall paint looks like it is a bright one.

However, if you see closely, it is, as a matter of fact, the one that is not too bright. Besides, it is a paint color that is not too dark and not too light too.

In simple words, this can be explained to be a balanced choice offered by Sherwin-Williams, and this is the reason why this paint color is included in this unusually excellent blue wall paint color list.

Besides the cool atmosphere and look, there is still another thing can be obtained when you choose this paint color, which is factually known to have a bit of blue and gray undertones. It is none other but a cheery look.

This makes the paint very suitable to consider for kid’s or teen’s bedroom, especially the one that has a contemporary style. The example of this can be seen in the picture of transitional teen’s bedroom below.

transitional teen’s bedroom with Sherwin-Williams Raindrop SW6485 blue wall paint color

Fede Design, LLC

The color scheme used in this fabulous bedroom is blue and white. Of course, the blue color also includes the color of Raindrop wall paint.

The combination of blue and white color like this is very simple actually.

However, it is very effective in making such bedroom looking very nice. It is especially when you can pair the neutral white color with some different shades of blue.

As shown in the picture, the light blue color of Raindrop wall paint is not the only blue color used in the room.

There are other types of blue color used, including ocean blue from the bed curtains, sapphire blue from the dressing table’s chair, and sky blue from the pillows and blanket.

6. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC-154

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC-154

Another alternative to choose from the category of dark blue wall paint color is this Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC-154. As shown in the code, this one belongs to the Historical Color Collection of Benjamin Moore.

While it is quite obvious that Benjamin Moore Hale Navy and Benjamin Moore Mysterious are two different wall paint colors, you may still have a question in your mind about what is the difference between this one and Benjamin Moore Mysterious that we have talked a bit more in the previous part.

For you to know, the difference is located in how each of both colors looks.

Mysterious tend to have the look of general navy blue tone that is related to nautical theme most of the time. On the other hand, Hale Navy has a look that is less nautical. Thanks to the gray undertone that makes it so.

This wall paint color is suitable to use in any lighting condition.

Although so, of course, you should not just ignore the gray undertone because even the undertone is quite light it can still create a different look of the wall paint depending on the light in the room.

Another interesting fact you need to know also about this wall paint color is that it is suitable enough to be included in the category of transitional color. It is caused by the balanced mix between cool and warm tone in the paint color.

This color is a matter of fact also suitable enough to be used in any bedroom style no matter who the occupant is.

This is even found to be a good choice for kids’ bedroom as shown in the example of transitional kids’ bedroom below.

transitional kids’ bedroom with Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC-154 blue wall paint color

Merigo Design

When using Hale Navy wall paint color for kids’ bedroom, you have to realize that this is a dark color and kids’ bedroom always needs bright look to build up a cheerful atmosphere that is always perfect for kids.

In the example above, the solution given is simply perfect.

The solution is by choosing two-tone wall color design instead of one-tone wall color design.

The tone that is used to pair the grayish navy blue color is white, which at the same time also gives expansive visual effect to the room.

On the floor, you can see there is a small navy blue stripes rug placed.

There is something good about adding blue stripes items in bedroom design like this. Blue stripes will not only add layers to the design but at the same time also boost richness too.

7. Farrow & Ball Hague Blue No. 30

Farrow & Ball Hague Blue No. 30

The last but not least blue wall paint color that is included in this list is Farrow & Ball Hague Blue No. 30. This one is another choice of deep dark blue paint color for you to consider.

This wall paint has slight green or peacock blue undertone.

The fact that it has beautiful and elegant look makes it a timeless choice you can consider at any time. Besides, you also need to know that this is the paint you can use in both exterior and interior space.

As an example of how to use this stunning wall paint, you can see the picture of rustic kids’ bedroom in the following.

This is also the example in which some interesting ideas related to Hague Blue wall paint can be found.

rustic kids’ bedroom with Farrow & Ball Hague Blue No. 30 blue wall paint color

Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design

The first idea is that this paint color is compatible with neutral tones.

In the example above, the neutral tones are mostly represented by white and beige colors.

The second idea is that pairing this wall paint color with bright tones can also be a good idea to try.

It looks amazing when paired with some bright colors like yellow, violet, tan, and orange. From the picture, some examples of the bright tones are bumblebee yellow, red, and green.

The last but not least idea is that even this paint color is deep and dark it can be a good choice for a small space too, especially because it can create a recessing effect.

Of course, some supportive details are needed here to avoid the room looking smaller. The examples are adequate natural light and white interior trims.

What do you think about the seven unusually excellent blue paint colors for bedroom listed above?

Each of the color included in the list is unusual and is not chosen quite often to color bedroom walls.

Although so, each of them has excellences that can make a bedroom better and more comfortable as a private and sleeping area. This is the fact that makes all paint colors above worth-choosing for the bedroom.

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