11 greatest best warm gray paint colors

11 Greatest Best Warm Gray Paint Colors for Any Room in Your House

Interiors / October 16, 2017

Best warm gray paint colors usually come from the greige color category. This is the color category with the combination between grey/gray with beige color.

This kind of paint color is perfect to choose when you want to paint your interior space gray, but you do not want your space to be cool because of the paint. As you may already know, most of the gray paint colors come with a cool look.

If you are interested in warm gray paint colors, in the following is the list of 11 best warm gray paints you can check out as a recommendation as well as a source of inspirations.

Hopefully, this will help you out in finding the right greige paint for your interior.

But, before knowing about the warm gray paints, it is good for you to realize that each paint color shown in the examples that are included in the list below may not look the same from one screen to another.

The cause of this is none other but the fact that each screen has different quality and resolutions.

Because of this, it is recommended for you to double or even triple check the paint color you are interested in the moat before applying it to your room’s wall. This is the best way to do to get what you want.

1. Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray SW 7029

Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray SW 7029

The first choice of warm gray paint that is recommended for you here is Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray SW 7029.

This gray paint is considered as a neutral paint, which means it will not be hard for you to pair it with any other colors.

When talking about this paint as a warm gray paint color choice, it is the one that has only a slight touch of beige or brown undertone in it.

Well, to be more specific, the undertone is factually subtle taupe tone. This undertone is found to be very beneficial in softening the gray color, especially its cool characteristic.

The undertone also can avoid the wall paint to look blue, cool purple, or green, which is none other but cool gray looks.

So if being asked about whether or not you will get the warm greige color when you apply this on your interior wall, there is no need to worry because you will get the greige look.

traditional bedroom with Sherwin-Williams agreeable gray SW 7029 wall paint color

Creative Group Interiors

As an example, you can check out the traditional bedroom design above.

The wall of this bedroom is painted with Agreeable Gray while at the same time is also paired with white interior trims, including the window trims.

The wall color is also found to look compatible to some warmer white tones, including chiffon white from the carpet flooring, bone white from the chair and bed, and some other warm white tones from the pillows. It is something reasonable because commonly, all those white tones are often considered as beige too.

2. Sherwin-Williams Colonnade Gray SW 7641

Sherwin-Williams Colonnade Gray SW 7641

The next choice is Sherwin-Williams Colonnade Gray SW 7641.

One thing that is found to be quite interesting about this paint color is its similarities with Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter.

The similarities come from different things.

The first one is that both colors have similar depth. The second one is both colors have visually the same gray tone with the same light-level warmth. The third is that both have a light green undertone.

Although there are similarities, it does not mean that both pains are the same because there is a difference too. It is located in the fact that the subtle green undertone of Colonnade Gray is significantly more passive, which means there is less chance for a rather strong greenish look to pop up when this paint color is applied on walls.

transitional bathroom with Sherwin-Williams colonnade gray SW 7641 warm gray wall paint color

Marilyn Kimberly Hill, Interior Designer

If you need an example, check out the picture of transitional bathroom design above. Warm look is something you can see the wall color, right?

Another good thing to know from this example is that the warm gray paint is not only compatible when being paired with lighter warm tones. It also looks good when paired with black.

Besides the combination of the warm paint color and black color is a good thing since it results in a very decorous modern look.

3. Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray SW 7015

Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray SW 7015

Another choice of warm gray you can consider from Sherwin Williams is Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray SW 7015.

Compared to the two wall paint colors above, this one can be said to have the grayest color, and it is known to have slight purple or slight taupe undertone.

Even this paint color is considered as one of the best from Sherwin Williams when it comes to the warm gray category; there is one thing in it that you have to consider more before you finally decide to pick it or not.

It is, as a matter of fact, the quite well ability of Repose gray to pick up undertones that come from the interior environment where it is used.

This must you to be careful in thinking about what put in the interior design. It is especially for not ruining the warm look you want from the gray paint color.

transitional master bedroom with Sherwin-Williams repose gray SW 7015 warm gray paint color

house by JSD

As an example, please take a look at the picture of transitional bedroom design that is colored with Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams.

Besides gray, other colors that are included in the room as pairings to the wall colors are all neutral.

The boldest color comes from the nightstands, and it is still quite neutral, so it does not affect the warm gray color quite much.

4. Sherwin-Williams Worldly Gray SW 7043

Sherwin-Williams Worldly Gray SW 7043

The last but not least choice of warm gray from Sherwin Williams that will be recommended in this post is Sherwin-Williams Worldly Gray SW 7043.

While being considered to have a similar look with Agreeable Gray, this gray paint actually a bit different because it has a very light green undertone.

Although it has a green undertone, you do not need to worry because in overall what you will get when you choose this paint is the look of warm gray, which can specifically be called as greige, with the gray color that is softened.

One thing that you need to know is that this greige color will be more visible under artificial light instead of the natural one.

small transitional dining room with Sherwin-Williams worldly gray SW 7043 warm gray paint

Lark Interior Design

If you need an example, you can check out the picture of transitional dining room above.

As you can see, there are two parts of the wall color that are exposed to natural and artificial light. The part that is exposed to artificial light truly has stronger greige color.

5. Benjamin Moore Abalone 2108-60

Benjamin Moore Abalone 2108-60

From this subheading number 5 on, let us move to Benjamin Moore as one of the most famous paint brands with the complete color collection.

The first Benjamin Moore warms gray paint color that is suggested here is Benjamin Moore Abalone 2108-60.

This choice is a suitable one for you to pick if you are not only looking for a warm gray paint color but also the one that looks nice and lovely.

This paint color can be used in both rooms with less sunlight and room with more sunlight since it still looks fabulous in both.

One thing that you need to remember about this paint color is that it has a quite subtle violet undertone.

Although so, it is not something you need to worry about because Abalone has enough brown color in it and this color will keep Abalone away from showing its very subtle undertone of violet color.

traditional living room with Benjamin Moore abalone 2108-60 warm gray paint color

Cardea Building Co.

As an example, please take a look at this picture of traditional living room design, in which Abalone wall paint by Benjamin Moore is used.

From the picture, it is quite clear that the warm look shown by the wall is also supported by the warm-toned seats.

Even there are some blue tones exist in the same space too; it does not make the room looks cool. For you to know, those blue tones more likely to create a balance in the living room interior.

6. Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist 1549

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist 1549

If you love something that looks soft, Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist 1549 is the one you need to pick. This paint color has a soft, warm gray look that you are looking for.

Besides the fact that this color can create a warm interior look that is just right, especially because it is not strong, you need to know that this paint color also has undertones. The undertones are green and lavender.

These undertones can be visible when the paint color is exposed to light. Although it is so, the possibility is rather small actually because the undertones are very subtle.

In other words, greige color is the one you will see more from this Balboa Mist paint.

For example, you can see the picture of open kitchen and living room design below. There are some interesting details we can find from this picture about the use of Balboa Mist wall paint.

open-style traditional kitchen and living room with Benjamin Moore balboa mist 1549 warm gray wall paint color

Cardea Building Co.

For instance, the soft tone of the paint is suitable to be paired with neutral, bright, and/or dark color at once.

Besides, the paint color can factually make an interior space to look airy even if it does not give the expansive visual effect.

7. Benjamin Moore Classic Gray 1548

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray 1548

Next, we have Benjamin Moore Classic Gray 1548 as you can see in the wall of the traditional bathroom in the picture below.

This paint color is included in the pale blue category. Even so, it is very clear that it has that warm gray look that also makes it one of the best that is included in this list.

traditional bathroom with Benjamin Moore classic gray 1548 warm gray wall paint color


Besides the fact that this color is very suitable to use to build up the warm environment, it also gives a quite relaxing visual effect. It is very suitable to use in bathroom area just like the one shown in the picture above.

Of course, you can also use the paint color in any other rooms in your house where the soft relaxing look is needed if you want to.

8. Benjamin Moore Collingwood 859

Benjamin Moore Collingwood 859

The next choice is Benjamin Moore Collingwood 859. This paint color can be said to have a taupe undertone, which is also the main reason why the paint has a warm greige look.

If you have space with a bit but good light and you want it to look warm and comfortable, this paint color is the one to consider.

Just like all previous paint color examples above, this one also looks very well when paired with white interior trims, as you can see in the picture of the traditional open-style kitchen below.

traditional open style kitchen with Benjamin Moore collingwood 859 warm gray wall paint color

Buckingham Interiors + Design LTD

Something interesting you can find from the kitchen design above is that it is filled with similar colors, started from white to gray.

This is good because the color flow in the interior space will go effortlessly and smoothly.

Besides all things mentioned earlier about Collingwood 859, there are still several things for you to know.

First, Collingwood 859 is a neutral tone that can function as perfect background for interior accessories that are colorful.

This fact surely gives you a good news since you can create new look whenever you want simply and in a budget-friendly way by replacing colorful accessories in the space, such as replacing bed sheet in a bedroom with this paint color.

Talking about the use of this wall paint color in the bedroom area, there is, as a matter of fact, an advantage offered.

This paint color naturally has a restful look that is simply calming. Something that creates a relaxing effect like this is suitable for a bedroom in which you will rest after being busy all day long.

9. Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray HC-173

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray HC-173

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray HC-173 is another warm gray paint color that you have to consider. This one is also included in greige paint color category.

When using this paint color, you need to know that light is a quite important aspect you need to pay more attention to.

The reason is that in an interior space with a lot of light available, this paint color tend to look more beige.

On the other hand, if space is rather lacking in light, the paint color tend to look grayer.

Another interesting thing about this paint color is related to undertone.

This paint is suitable enough to be called as true greige paint color because, unlike any other gray paint colors, it does not have an undertone.

If you need an example of how this paint color looks like in an interior space, you can check out the picture of traditional bathroom below.

traditional bathroom with Benjamin Moore edgecomb gray HC-173 warm gray paint color

KCS, Inc.

Here, you can see that, again, white is a color that looks just stunning when paired with this warm gray paint.

10. Benjamin Moore Gray Owl 2137-60

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl 2137-60

Next, we have Benjamin Moore Gray Owl 2137-60.

When talking about this paint color, there might be a confusion included. The reason is that some people consider this as a cool gray while some others think it is more suitable to be included in the category of warm gray color.

This paint color choice from Benjamin Moore is included in the second category, which is warm gray. Of course, this is said so not only because the category is the one that is used as the main topic of this post.

The reason is related to the undertones of the paint itself, which are very light yellowish and greenish undertones. These make the look more suitable to call as the non-cold one.

transitional family room with Benjamin Moore gray owl 2137-60 warm gray paint color

CCG Interiors, LLC.

Check out the picture of transitional family room above as an example. As you can see in the picture, the wall color is light but there is also a warm look can be seen in it.

From the picture also you can see closely that the paint color is quite bright and it has a bit of expansive look.

Even the expansive look is not as spectacular as the one you can see from white pint color still this makes Gray Owl a suitable choice for rooms with limited space.

11. Benjamin Moore Pale Oak OC-20

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak OC-20

The following choice of warm gray wall paint that we will talk a bit here is none other but Benjamin Moore Pale Oak OC-20.

Just like Edgecomb Gray that has been discussed previously, this one is also more suitable to call as true greige paint color because of the unavailability of undertones.

Even if there is an undertone, it is very very light and quite impossible to see.

Do you know what it means when Edgecomb Gray is a true greige paint color? It means it will stay greige regardless the light available in the space when the paint color is applied, no matter whether the light is less or more.

Another good point about Pale Oak is that it has a relaxing and soothing look that can surely make you feel calm. This is can also be the reason why this gender-neutral paint color is used in nursery room for twins below.

modern twins nursery room with Benjamin Moore pale oak OC-20 warm gray wall paint color

Tiffany Farha Design

Now that you have known about the 11 best warm gray paint colors as listed above, there is still one thing you need to know and keep in mind. It is that basically, and naturally gray is a cool color, and it is never a warm color.

The reason why you need to know about this and that you have to remember this always is that even if there are a lot of greige colors available, including the ones listed above, the colors will always shift between gray as the cool color and beige as the warm color. All this depends on some factors, especially lighting.

So, when later you find out that the greige wall paint you choose tends to look more beige instead of gray you will not be shocked. The reason is already explained here especially for you.

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  1. Veronique says:

    Hello Linda,

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    I’m curious of what color to paint my home. I have two colors in mind accessible beige, pale oak, china doll and Edgecomb gray. I’m trying to make sure the color compliments my hardwood floors.

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