9 fascinating best blue gray paint color choices

9 Fascinating Best Blue Gray Paint Color Choices for Any Room

Interiors / October 12, 2017

Best blue gray paint color choices are now offered by quite a lot of popular paint brands, including; Benjamin Moore, a brand that is known to have quite a lot collections of blue gray paint color category.

The paint color category itself can simply be described as gray paint that comes with a blue undertone.

The undertone also makes the paint to be suitable to call as bluish gray in simple words.

Besides, these also make the paint color choices included in bluish gray category tend to look cool instead of warm.

Is this kind of bluish gray paint color the one that you are looking for?

If so, in the following there are nine best choices of blue gray paint color from a top brand, Benjamin Moore, which you can take into consideration.

1. Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray HC-170

benjamin moore stonington gray HC-170

The first choice is none other but Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray HC-170.

For you to know, this paint color is a matter of fact one of the most popular gray colors produced by the famous brand (Benjamin Moore).

The reason why this paint color is called to have a bluish-gray look is that it have a quite subtle blue undertone.

Since they are quite subtle and can be quite invisible, sometimes this cool paint color is considered neutral gray paint color, which is often called as true gray paint color.

Another interesting characteristic of this blue-gray paint color is that it creates a look that is not too light and not too dark. It makes the color suitable for creating a calm environment.

contemporary master bedroom with Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray HC-170 wall paint


As shown in the picture above. The calming look shown by the paint color makes it a suitable choice for bedroom walls too.

In the contemporary bedroom above the wall paint also looks nice being paired with white color. There are also some other soft colors, including beige, that also looks decent as pairing for the wall paint color.

The bedroom is quite limited in space too. In this case, the wall paint does not make the room looks smaller although it also does not give any significant more-spacious visual effect.

2. Benjamin Moore Horizon 1478

Benjamin Moore Horizon 1478

Then we have Benjamin Moore Horizon 1478 as one of considerable options of best bluish gray paint color. This one has a quite light blue-green undertone.

This choice is suitable to pick if you want to add beauty to your interior space. Besides, it is also a timeless choice so you can use this paint color anytime you want.

If being asked about color compatibility, there are quite a lot of color can be used in your interior color scheme if you choose Horizon 1478 as the wall color.

One of the best examples is a color scheme that consists of the wall color plus soft blue, white, and beige colors as shown in the picture of transitional living room below.

modern transitional living room with Benjamin Moore Horizon 1478 wall paint color

Plum Interiors

There are some interesting details you can see in this example of a living room that uses blue gray Horizon 1478 wall paint.

The first one is how nice it is to pair this paint color with white color, which in this example is applied on interior trims and fireplace mantel.

The second detail is that the bluish gray wall color also looks nice being paired with soft blue and beige color.

The combination of all those colors (bluish gray wall color, white, soft blue, and beige) create a sweet and cozy atmosphere in the living area.

3. Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray HC-171

Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray HC-171

Next, we have Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray HC-171. This one is included in the category of blue gray wall color because it has a quite visible blue-green undertone.

One thing that is quite interesting about this paint color is that it has a quite clean look. Besides, even it has a blue-green undertone, it is not suitable to be included in the category of cool gray.

Using this paint color in a rather dark space is a quite good idea. The reason is that it can brighten up interior space.

Of course, that does not mean the gray paint color is not suitable for brighter space. An example of this can be seen in the transitional sunroom picture below.

transitional sunroom with Benjamin Moore wickham gray HC-171 wall paint color

Chelsea Kasch

The use of this paint color in a sunroom like this, which receives a lot of natural light, is a good idea. This makes the space bright but not too bright. It is just right.

From the picture above, you also can see the easiest but most successful color scheme can be chosen when you use gray wall paint. It is none other but gray and white color scheme.

While there is only a shade of white used in this scheme you can use different shades of gray to make the look more interesting.

4. Benjamin Moore Pebble Beach 1597

Benjamin Moore Pebble Beach 1597

The next choice of the best blue-gray wall paint color is Benjamin Moore Pebble Beach 1597. This one can be found in the Classic Color Collection of the brand.

As blue-gray wall paint, certainly, this one also has a bit of blue undertone. Although so it is not the only one. This paint is known to have a bit of lavender undertone too.

If being asked about which undertone will be visible more, of course, it depends on how you design and decorate the space. It depends on the choice of color included in the space as well as the light.

You can check out the example below.

contemporary master bedroom with Benjamin Moore Pebble Beach 1597 wall paint color

Heritage Luxury Builders

In this contemporary bedroom, the blue and a few lavender undertones are quite prominent. They also give the interior space such a cool atmosphere.

If by any chance you also want to use this paint to color bedroom wall but you do not want the room to be too cool, in the picture above an example is already included. It is none other but adding some warm tones in the bedroom area.

From the contemporary bedroom above, the warm tones are found in a sofa chair, pillows, bolster, and also beige area rug placed under the bed.

The existence of warm tones like this finally makes the interior color scheme formula, which is soft gray, white, and warm tones.

5. Benjamin Moore Eternity AF-695

Benjamin Moore Eternity AF-695

Other fascinating option of best blue-gray paint still comes from Benjamin Moore brand. It is none other but Benjamin Moore Eternity AF-695.

Of course, this gray paint also has a blue undertone, and it looks quite soft for you to know.

This is more or less something that also makes the wall paint to have such a harmonious look that makes it suitable to pair with lots of other colors quite easily.

If being asked about which colors are suitable to pair with this blue-gray wall paint, as told before there will be a lot of choices can be listed for you.

Although too, this wall paint is perfect to pair with warm tones, especially the one that comes from the brown color category.

Especially for this one, you can check out an example below. This is a picture of the contemporary living room in which Eternity AF-695 is chosen as the wall paint.

contemporary living room with Benjamin Moore eternity AF-695 wall paint color

Positive Space Staging + Design, Inc.

In the contemporary living room, there are several brown warm tones used. Those include brown color from the dark hardwood flooring, espresso brown leather sofa, and simple wooden shelf as a part of the fireplace mantel.

Other than those, the fluffy beige rug also contributes another warm tone to the room even this one cannot be included in the brown color category.

6. Benjamin Moore Brewster Gray HC-162

Benjamin Moore Brewster Gray HC-162

The next blue-gray wall paint choice is suitable for you to choose if you love the elegant interior design.

This one is called as Benjamin Moore Brewster Gray HC-162, which is none other but another paint color from the Historical Collection of the brand.

The elegance is shown by this wall painting comes from the rather dark but not too dark gray color that comes with a quite visible blue undertone.

The elegant look can be even better when the wall paint is also paired with some other choices of elegant colors as you can see in the picture below.

modern bedroom with Benjamin Moore brewster gray HC-162 wall paint color

Campbell Gray Design

In the picture above, the elegant modern bedroom design is build up not only by using the blue-gray paint, but also some other rather dark colors.

Those include black color from the bed, study desk, and chair and also some darker shades of gray from the curtains, sofa chair, and also bedding sets.

Decorating a room with cool, elegant gray wall paint like this is easier when you pair the wall paint with darker colors too. This is especially when those colors also belong to gray color category.

7. Benjamin Moore Gentle Gray 1626

Benjamin Moore Gentle Gray 1626

Benjamin Moore Gentle Gray 1626 can also be taken into consideration when you are looking for best blue gray wall paint to color your home interior.

Just like any other choices included in this list, this one also has blue undertone.

Although the undertone is rather soft, when paired with the right color choice this can make the gray wall paint to look bluer instead of more gray.

The soft characteristic of this gray wall paint is a good thing factually. This makes the paint color a suitable option to pick for bedroom area, including also nursery room in which soft and calm atmosphere in most needed.

Although so, there is a thing you always have to remember before using this paint color in your interior space. It is none other but the fact that Gentle Gray is not a bright paint color.

About this, you need to be careful in using the paint in a rather small space or else space will look cramped.

Check out the example of a nursery room with Gentle Gray wall paint below.

This example is not merely about how calming the atmosphere in the room is because of the Benjamin Moore wall paint that is paired with some other soft color, including the tan color of the sofa chair and ottoman.

gender neutral traditional nursery room with Benjamin Moore gentle gray 1626 wall paint color

Design By Lisa

From the same example, you can also see how the wall design is made to be two-toned.

Half of the wall is painted with the bluish-gray color, and the other half is colored with pearl white wall paint. It seems this is done to avoid the room to look smaller than it is.

8. Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp 1570

Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp 1570

This time, we have Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp 1570, which is also a part of the Classic Color Collection of Benjamin Moore.

This wall paint is not too dark, but it is also not too light at the same time. Because of this, this can just be the right wall paint choice you can pick if you want your interior space to be colored by a color from the medium category.

This wall paint color offers a certain type of beauty that is also timeless. Besides, pairing this wall color with the right choice of color scheme can result in an elegant look that you will just love.

One thing that is also quite interesting is that even with a light blue undertone, that makes the wall paint also looks cool, you can still use this to create a warm interior look.

Of course, this also cannot be separated from the choice of color scheme you will apply in the space.

If you need an example, you can take a look at the picture of traditional living room below.

traditional living room with Benjamin Moore gray wisp 1570 wall paint color

Molly Quinn Design

In this traditional living room, the color scheme that is used can be formulated as soft, cool gray, white, and warm tones.

Although it is quite clear that the soft, cool gray color from the wall dominates the room quite the most, the warm tones chosen for the room are quite bold, even these are not dominating.

The warm tones paired with the wall color are also not limited to brown shades.

As you can see, there are also two chairs in warmer gray tone, which is specifically known to be fossil gray tone, that is, of course, compatible to the gray color of the wall.

This is another idea you can get inspired by when trying to decorate a room with cool gray wall paint.

9. Benjamin Moore Silver Marlin 2139-50

Benjamin Moore Silver Marlin 2139-50

The last but not least choice of fascinating Benjamin Moore blue-gray wall paint that you can choose is this Benjamin Moore Silver Marlin 2139-50.

The blue undertone that is owned by this paint color is very soft. Although so it can still be visible depending on the room light as well as other colors paired with it.

There are some special things about this color.

The first one is that it looks bright and lively. This is, as a matter of fact, something that also makes this paint color looks fine when paired with other contrast colors, including also the bright ones.

The second special thing is that this bright paint color also can make any space to look more spacious.

Because of this, this paint can be chosen if you are dealing with limitation of interior space, but you also think that using white paint to create the more spacious visual effect is just too boring.

Let us take a look at a design example in the picture of kids’ bedroom below. This eclectic bedroom is also the one that functions at the same time as a playroom.

eclectic kids' bedroom with Benjamin Moore silver marlin 2139-50 wall paint color

Tamara Mack Design

In the picture above, it is very clear that the Silver Marlin wall paint creates a visual effect that makes the rather small bedroom area to look more spacious.

Especially for this visual effect, it is supported by white interior trim as well as lots of glass windows that make it easier for natural light to enter the room, so the room looks larger.

The bluish gray wall paint is also paired with some bright colors in this room design. Those include tangerine orange, fire orange, tiger orange, carrot orange, bumblebee yellow, and cobalt blue.

It seems this room design can also be considered as an answer for those who always feel doubt about pairing gray wall paint with bright colors. As you can see in the picture, the color combination looks just fine. Moreover, it looks fun.

As you can see from the list above, all choices of best blue-gray paint color offered by Benjamin Moore are simply fascinating.

Each of them has a different kind of blue undertone and can create different look and atmosphere in the space where the paint is used.

The most important thing that you have to remember before choosing a certain choice of blue-gray color from the list is that some colors may look best in a certain type of room, no matter whether it is bedroom, living room, or something else, and some other may not be suitable for that certain type of room.

Besides the fact that you need to choose the wall color carefully, it is also better if you consider the choice of color scheme carefully.

This way, the fascinating look offered by every choice of blue-gray paint can be seen well.

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