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19 Best Choices of Antique White Paint Color from 14 Top Brands

Interiors / December 9, 2017

Antique white paint is a beautiful paint choice that is recommended for you to choose when you are confused between a cool-looking white paint and too-warm-looking beige paint.

In a simple explanation, it can be said to have a very subtle warm look that can sometimes very hard to see that we can say whether it is almost invisible.

When talking about the look of the paint, basically each brand has a different antique white look.

Although so, basically the main look can be said to have a more off-white appearance, creamy appearance, or beige appearance.

Right now, there are so many paint brands offer antique white shade can be found. Some brands are even known to have more than just one choice of antique white shade.

Some of the most recommended brands are Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr, Glidden, Dulux, Johnstones, Jotun, Kelly Moore, Pratt and Lambert, Nippon Paint, Olympic, Pittsburg Pain, Valspar, and Rust-Oleum.

If you find this color fascinating and you want to know further about this shade that is offered by each brand mentioned previously, in the following are short reviews about 19 antique white tones offered by the brands mentioned previously that you must read.

These reviews will help you out in deciding about which brand to pick for the paint with the antique white shade you need.

1. Antique White Paint Benjamin Moore

antique white paint benjamin moore

From Benjamin Moore, which is also known to be one of the most popular paint brands in many countries, there are two options offered. Those are Benjamin Moore Antique White 909 and Benjamin Moore Antique White OC-83.

At a glance, both of these paint colors are very similar that you may get confused about why there are two of them when the looks are basically the same. However, there is a slight difference can be found in both.

It is that the OC-83 is slightly richer than the 909.

Although so, surely room and natural lighting play a quite important role in how the paints look like after being applied to a certain interior element, such as walls.

For the examples, you can check out the pictures below.

transitional living room with benjamin moore antique white 909 wall paint

This first picture is a picture of a living room, which wall is painted by using Antique White 909 paint by Benjamin Moore.

traditional living room with benjamin moore antique white oc-83 wall paint

This second picture is also a picture of a living room but here the wall is painted by using Antique White OC-83.

From both pictures, it is very clear that both paint series look very similar to one another, right?

2. Antique White Paint Sherwin Williams

antique white paint sherwin williams

From Sherwin Williams, there is only one choice available. It is called Sherwin Williams Antique White SW 6119.

This white color has a rather strong undertone that makes it look more like hazelwood color instead of white. If being compared to cream or beige, this one can be said to have a less yellowish look.

The use of this paint color in the home interior can be seen in the picture of traditional kitchen entry below.

traditional kitchen entry with Sherwin Williams Antique White 6119 wall paint color

Carolina Design Associates, LLC

In this interior design, the antique white color from Sherwin Williams is used to color the wall. It is also paired directly with Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17 that is used to color the wainscoting trim.

Other than the white trim color, there are also some other colors found to be compatible as pairing for wall color. Those include the beige-green color of the cabinets and drawers and also the linen white color of the area rug.

3. Antique White Paint Behr

antique white paint behr

Another choice of antique white color also comes from Behr. The series is known to be Antique White- Int. Flat Enamel 1823.

If being compared to the previous example, this paint color has a softer tone. That is why it is suitable to call as a suitable choice for you who want an antique white color for your home interior but do not want it to be too rich or strong.

The example of how this paint color looks in the home interior can be seen in the picture of contemporary kitchen design in the following.

contemporary kitchen with cabinets in Behr Antique White color paint

Roy Campana Photography

Here, the antique white color by Behr is not used to color the kitchen walls since the wall is a matter of fact colored by another paint that looks more like it has a tan color. The Behr paint is used in this design to color the kitchen cabinets.

4. Antique White Paint Glidden

Here is another subtle-looking antique white color. It is none other but Glidden Antique White 40YY 83/043.

The example of how this paint color is used in the home interior can be seen in the picture of wall design of a laundry room below.

stripes laundry room wall with regular white paint and Glidden Antique White paint combination

Here, the wall is not only colored with the Glidden paint. The paint is paired with white paint.

Both colors are used to create stripes wall design and it is clearly shown that the pure white color also looks nice and compatible when paired with the antique white color.

The stripes wall design created by the designer of the room is also a good inspiration to consider when using antique white color on your wall.

5. Antique White Paint Dulux

antique white paint dulux

Dulux is another brand that is known to have antique white color in their collections. As a matter of fact, this paint color is quite popular. The series is known to be Dulux Antique White U.S.A® SW1H7.

This color slightly looks warm and it is a perfect choice for those who are not fond of yellowish undertone. This is also a color that is highly suitable for an interior with an elegant luxurious look, such as the one you can see below.

traditional master bedroom with Dulux Antique White U.S.A® wall paint


The choices of decorations and furniture in this bedroom are meant to build not only elegant but also luxurious look in a minimalist way.

Obviously, the use of antique white paint from Dulux here is a suitable choice to support this look.

There is also another detail found to be very interesting in this traditional master bedroom design. It is the high compatibility level between the Dulux wall paint and the off-white theme of the bed.

6. Antique White Paint Johnstones

antique white paint johnstones

The next choice comes from Johnstones. The specific name of the paint is known to be Johnstones Antique White One Coat Matt Emulsion.

This color can be said to look more off-white. This makes it a perfect choice to pick if you are not fond of creamy or yellowish antique white color.

If you are having difficulties in looking for this paint color you can check it out in interior walls and ceilings section of the official site of Johnstone’s.

7. Antique White Paint Jotun

antique white paint jotun

The next best paint choice comes from Jotun brand. It is Jotun Antique White.

This paint color is very similar to a color that we usually call as bone white. It has a rather strong beige or light brown undertone that makes it look warmer.

This neutral paint color is also found to be compatible being paired with any earthy tones. Check out the image below for the example.

transitional living room with Jotun Antique White 1016 paint color

Etcetera Living LLC

In this transitional living room design, the wall is colored with Jotun Antique White paint. This is also a color that is used to paint the standard fireplace in the room.

Other than the white wall paint, this room is filled with some different neutral earthy tones. As told earlier, you also can see that these tones look compatible with the paint color.

Although we can see also that there are two porcelain jugs that have exactly the same color with the wall paint that they look invisible and it is too bad.

When you have a room filled with earthy colors like this, adding black accents as exemplified in the picture above is a great idea. This does not simply add boldness in the space but also create a contrast that finally makes the earthy tones to gain more prominence.

8. Antique White Paint Kelly Moore

antique white paint kelly moore

Another choice comes from Kelly Moore as a recommended brand to consider when it comes to painting in antique white color. The painting series meant is Kelly Moore Antique White 49.

This paint color is suitable to pick to give your interior space warmth. As an example, you can see the picture of the traditional bedroom in the following.

traditional bedroom with Kelly Moore Antique White 49 wall paint color

Bill Fry Construction - Wm. H. Fry Const. Co.

As shown in the picture above, the wood element in the interior design, which comes from the furniture and light tone oak hardwood flooring, can be said to be quite dominating.

It is reasonable then if the room, even if it only has few items included forming the minimalist traditional look, it has a rather significant warm atmosphere.

The antique white wall paint from Kelly Moore that is used in this room does not only have compatibility with the major atmosphere built up in the bedroom.

For you to know, this wall color also has a bit of warm look that will never make the room to look too warm.

9. Antique White Paint Pratt and Lambert

antique white paint pratt and lambert

The next choice of antique white tone you can take into consideration comes from another recommended paint brand, which is Pratt and Lambert. The paint color is none other but Pratt and Lambert Antique White 14-31.

This paint color has a look that is quite similar to the other choices that have been mentioned above. The look can be seen in the picture below in which the paint is used to color the wall of the traditional living room.

traditional living room with Pratt and Lambert Antique White 14-31 wall paint

DD Ford Construction

Even this living room can be said to be dominated by white color this does not look too bright. Instead, it gains warm and calm look because of the subtle white wall color.

Besides, the ceiling is also painted in warm and subtle white paint to match the wall color. The specific ceiling color is known to be Seed Pearl that also comes from Pratt and Lambert collections.

One thing you need to remember is that the antique white wall color you see in the picture above cannot really be seen as something fixed.

This can be said so because the interior and natural lighting definitely gives effect on how the white paint color looks like in every certain interior environment.

10. Antique White Nippon Paint

antique white nippon paint

The next choice you can take into consideration is Nippon Paint Antique White 369.

In simple words, this paint color can be said to have a more off-white look. This look makes a suitable choice if you prefer an antique white color that is not too beige, too creamy, or too yellow.

How this nice-looking paint color looks like in interior design is shown in the picture of contemporary living room below.

As a matter of fact, this picture says that the white paint color is not only usable on the wall but also in other interior elements, including ceiling, trim, and even furniture.

contemporary living room with Nippon Paint Antique White 369 paint color on the ceiling

The detail that is found to be interesting in this picture example is not only located in the fact that the antique white color is used on the ceiling instead of walls. It is also about the color scheme of the room in which several colors are found to be highly compatible with the antique white tone.

Some of the colors are already well-known to be compatible with antique white. Those include any shades of white, tan, beige, and wooden color.

Other than those, as you can see in a side of the wall in the room, there is also a yellow color that looks quite nice being paired with the white tone. In this design example, the yellow color is specifically gold yellow.

11. Antique White Paint Olympic

antique white paint olympic

The next choice you can choose is provided by Olympic. It is specifically known as the Olympic Antique White OL225. This paint is a part of the off-white collections of the brand.

Just like the previous option, which comes from Nippon Paint, this one also has a more off-white look instead of others. The example of this is shown in the following picture.

neutral-themed bathroom with Olympic Antique White OL225 wall paint color

12. Antique White Pittsburgh Paint

antique white pittsburgh paint

Next, there is Pittsburgh as the other known brand that provides antique white color for you to take into consideration.

Just like Benjamin Moore, this brand also has two options of antique white you can choose. Those are Pittsburgh Paint Antique White 516-2 and Pittsburgh Paint Antique White PPG1024-2.

Still quite the same with Benjamin Moore, the two options of antique white colors belong to Pittsburgh as a matter of fact also have approximately the same look. This can, of course, create some difficulties in creating a decision about which one to choose.

One of the major differences can be found in these paint colors is the collection in which each painting is located. 516-2 belongs to Harmony paint color collection while PPG1024-2 belongs to the Off-White color collection of Pittsburgh.

13. Antique White Paint Valspar

Next, we have Valspar as another brand in which an antique white tone is available in their collections. Specifically, the tone is known to be Valspar Antique White 7002-20.

This antique white tone can be found in yellow neutrals category on the official page of Valspar.

This tone is suitable to choose for creating the classic, cozy, and warm look in your interior but of course, it can also be used in the exterior area but the type of paint might be a bit different even if the series is still the same.

14. Rust-Oleum Antique White Paint

The last but not least we have Rust-Oleum brand with its antique white tone. One thing that is found to be interesting about this brand is not merely about the classic look the paint has. It is also about the fact that the antique white tone is actually available in some different choices for some different purposes.

For example, there is Rust-Oleum Antique White Interior Stain that can be used for various interior wood projects. Those include cabinets, doors, flooring, furniture, paneling, and trims.

There is also Rust-Oleum Touch N Tone Antique White Enamel Spray Paint that is usable for general purposes. This paint is very practical to use in painting various items, including furniture, lamps, or decorations.

Other than the previous spray option for antique white color, this brand also has another two antique white spray to consider based on specific functions.

Those are Rust-Oleum Industrial Choice Antique White Enamel Spray Paint and Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Antique White Paint Enamel Spray Paint. The last choice does not only color but also give protection.

See, when you are looking for an antique white paint for your interior or exterior projects, there are so many options available for you to choose, right?

All you need to do is finding a tone that is suitable to your expectation, especially about the color.

If you choose to compare different choices of antique white color from some different brands, it is better for you not to read the reviews only but making sure that the one you choose really has the look you are looking for.

In this case, a sample from each brand plays an important role. With this, you can check out directly how each paint looks like in your space so this way you can get what you really want and be avoided from something that far from your expectation.

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